On Friendship

13 March 2009 – Playdate with Jackson and Rebecca.

September 2009 – Weekend away with Angel, Neels, Rebecca, Dave, Jackson and my Boyfriend and Kid.

The Boyfriend playing in the park at Zoo Lake with The Kid and Jackson, July 2009.

Dave and Jackson at The Kid’s second birthday party, November 2009.

David and Rebecca at Fahrenheit, August 2009.

The Kid and Jackson, August 2009 at the Johnny Clegg concert in the park.

Dave and The Boyfriend, September 2009*

Jackson, Dave & Rebecca, September 2009

Me and my Kid, August 2009.

My Boyfriend and my Kid, September 2009.

I spent a large chunk of Sunday going through photos and reading old blog posts and gchat histories.

Chat histories between me and Rebecca.

Some highlights:

  • Playdates that meant drinking wine in the sun, while our kids played together.
  • Frozen margaritas in the kitchen.
  • Birthday parties and dinosaur cakes.
  • Our kids bathing together. Bubbles galore.
  • Boy love. Our two little monsters simply adore each other.
  • Shaving foam. Kitchen counter. Laughing. Say no more.
  • Sitting on my balcony smoking a joint, discussing penises. In general.
  • Bitching on gchat. About everything. About everyone.
  • Smoking cigarettes. Plenty of them. Her blaming me for her starting smoking again.
  • The same things annoy us.
  • The same people annoy us.

It’s hard to believe that Rebecca and I have been friends for just over a year. It feels like longer.We found each other through Phillygirl. I introduced her to Dave, The Boyfriend’s Other BFF. They started dating. They went on a break. They’re hopefully dating again and I’m trying my best not to be nosy about it. Dave seems to adore her and Jackson, and they’re really cute when they’re all together.

I miss our playdates every Friday afternoon (after a long hard week of being home alone with The Kid – those playdates saved my sanity) – I miss the airplanes and cocktails and gossip sessions. Almost as much as I miss being a stay-at-home mom. I miss my BFF mama friend, and I miss her kid too.

My Kid still talks about Jackson ALL the time, and constantly asks me when we’re going to see Jackson. He misses Jackson as much as I miss Rebecca.

I miss her non-judgmental-ness (if that’s even a word) – I miss how she can keep a secret and how nothing I told her shocked her. I miss her thoughtfulness (she brought my Kid a red double decker bus back from London. And she brought me a cute wallet, with a picture of The Kid and The Boyfriend inside). She always brings my Kid sweeties and healthy little treats. She buys great birthday presents. And throws lovely margarita parties.

I love how she’s as big a know-it-all as I am. I love that she understands that my Kid comes first – because she feels the same about hers. I love how, despite the age gap between us, it feels like we’re the same age, doing the same things, with kids of the same age. I love the way she talks, and the values she has. I love that she gives my Kid a big hug and a kiss when she sees him.

Mostly. I love the fact that even though it’s been a while since we last saw each other, it will feel like we were never apart, the next time I see her.

And I really, really hope that’s soon.

How can you not think that this is a seriously good-looking pair of boys?

Hurry back from China, Rebecca. I’ll have some of these waiting for you when you get back:

PS: I think The Boyfriend misses Dave too, but he’s too much of a man to say it.

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6 Responses to On Friendship

  1. Angel says:

    Oy. When life interferes!
    .-= Angel´s last blog ..Blog Challenge =-.

  2. mommanats says:

    There is nothing more important than having such a good friend you can love and trust!
    .-= mommanats´s last blog ..Our 8 month journey…. =-.

  3. awww…that’s so sweet.

    i miss you too and all the fun we used to have. plus my kid misses your kid. and dave misses the bf. we were talking about you guys on saturday night and dave said that although he hasn’t seen the bf much recently “he knows we’ll always be friends forever.” SO SENTIMENTAL.

    ps. i feel like a TOTAL bitch now. sooooooorrrrrry.
    .-= the jackson files´s last blog ..Meet me in the summertime we can move the air =-.

  4. and btw. our kids have grown up SO MUCH. it makes me a little sad.
    .-= the jackson files´s last blog ..Meet me in the summertime we can move the air =-.

  5. Bobbi Janay says:

    I hope you get to see her soon.
    .-= Bobbi Janay´s last blog ..FlashBack Friday =-.

  6. mommanats says:

    I tagged you in a meme – go check it out 🙂
    .-= mommanats´s last blog ..Our 8 month journey…. =-.

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