MamaLove Abounds

It’s easy to forget that this little terrorist isn’t even three years old yet. All the growing-up stuff is just happening way too quickly.

  • He’s already a metre tall (he’s just over hip-high on me) and about 17kg. Which is incredible, since he was only 3/76kg when born, and only 54cm long. He wears 4-5 year old clothing sizes, is a size 10 shoe and has a better vocabulary than some 16 year olds.
  • The potty-training has made excellent progress. Every night before he has a bath, he insists on making a poo in the potty, and having the honour of flushing it away himself. And then runs to his father, proclaiming at the top of his voice that I’M A GOOD BOY DADDY. I MADE A POO IN THE POTTY. To all those parents out there, I’m sorry that I didn’t believe you when you told me to just be patient. one day it will just happen. It happened. And I’m grateful.
  • He can count to twenty, knows all his colours and shapes and  pretty much all the rules of the road. Loves telling me “mommy, the robot is green, you can go now” and telling me I’m a good driver (yeah, tell that to Sheena) and that Daddy’s a bad driver.
  • I think I managed to kill Astro Boy. And replace it with The Incredibles. And Darkwing Duck. Both of which he loves with equal passion, and when he’s with The Boyfriend’s mom, he’s ALL over The Bee Movie.
  • He’s such a little rough-and-tough boy – with his swords and his guns and his tanks and trucks and his “BY THE POWER OF GRAYSKULL” (yes, he loves He-Man and Bravestarr too, just as much) and his “I just shot you mommy, you must lie down on the floor now. With his motorbikes and his skateboard.

  • Him, with his persistance, and concentration and determination. Him with his “look, I did a puzzle, mommy”, without me ever actually showing him how.
  • Him with his cars, and his building racing tracks and his Lego. Love every minute of it. Except for the “I’ll watch you pick it all up, mommy” and standing on stray pieces, barefoot in the dark.

  • Him with his “I love you mommy. I will sleep tight. See you in the morning” and his sloppy good night kisses. And his sloppy good morning kisses.

All of it. I have so much to be grateful for.

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10 Responses to MamaLove Abounds

  1. joyanne says:

    aaaah this made me miss those days so much – but also it makes me love the present, where I barely have to bend at all to kiss Raph (and he does still give me good morning and good night kisses and even goodbye kisses at school)- and where he loves to stand on the bottom stair so he can see how it will feel to be taller than me (yes it’s only one stair height away now). I miss the days of swords and puzzles but love watching him skate and play the guitar. And he still, for now, wants me to watch when he does a new trick or plays a new tune.

    Being the mother of a son is filled with so much love and joy. I try not to think too far into the future tho…
    .-= joyanne´s last blog ..On silence &amp solitude- and the avoidance of them =-.

  2. Gina says:

    Awwwww! They really do grow up too fast.
    Im holding you accountable if Aaron never just ‘happens’ to go to the potty! *sigh* we are still struggling…
    .-= Gina´s last blog ..PINK! =-.

  3. cath Jenkin says:

    Mama mama mama love. Mamalove. You have my snotting at my desk. Love you, tart, and love my future son in law even more. X
    .-= cath Jenkin´s last blog ..Why I won’t campaign for the SA blog awards =-.

  4. Oh my word – he is huge! About twice the size of mine that is about as old as he is! But that’s great, I tell you. And progressing so well!
    .-= cat@juggling act´s last blog ..Friday -13 August a day late =-.

  5. Kerryn says:

    I adore reading posts like this. I started reading (but just lurky-like) your blog so long ago (even before The Kid was born) and it always makes me so happy that you are happy. I can feel how much you love that boy, and that makes me happy too.
    .-= Kerryn´s last blog ..When you just want to scream Fk =-.

  6. Johanni says:

    This was such a beautiful post… I really do want one now!!!

  7. Luca's Mum says:

    Love it! x
    .-= Luca’s Mum´s last blog ..Thoughts on Becoming a Working Mum =-.

  8. MeeA says:

    Chick, your kid is a special breed of cute! Seriously.
    .-= MeeA´s last blog ..Four =-.

  9. Angel says:

    So precious! He’s such a cute kid!
    .-= Angel´s last blog ..Protected- Seems There Are Indeed Issues… =-.

  10. Louisa says:

    Sloppy kisses from your kid are the best kind aren’t they? 🙂
    .-= Louisa´s last blog ..227 of 365 =-.

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