Sundays Are An Interesting Mix of Bliss And Torture

Sundays are usually the days I get to sleep in. With The Kid at The (S)in-Laws, I should be free to sleep beyond 6:30am. Technically speaking. I never do though. Sleeping in just seems like a waste when I can actually have alone time, which is far more rare. I sleep every night, but alone time is far harder to come by than sleep.

Sunday mornings are usually spent in a hot bath. For at least an hour. Uninterrupted time to spend reading, or on Twitter. Guilt-free indulgence. And hot, uninterrupted baths are usually a rare occurence with a two year old around. He does not understand the concept of wanting to be alone while in the bathroom.

Sundays are all about recreation. Sundays are usually spent lying on the couch, watching movies. Making popcorn and wrestling on the cushions. Laughing and doing stickerbooks. Recreation for mom, dad and little boy. The comes nap time and it’s recreation time for the mama. This usually involves a well-stocked box of cigarettes, a macbook, some juice and water as well as some peace and quiet. Blog reading commences. Catching up with the internet world around me. Spending time on my computer, without having to worry about what work I should be doing, is a much sought-after treat, too.

Sundays are all about choices. The choice between the gloriousness that would be a daytime nap (when last I had one of those, I cannot recall) and alonetime with the interwebs. Needless to say, I put the gloriousness of a daytime nap off, for another week at least.

Sundays are about having all the time in the world whilst simultaneously never having enough. On a Sunday there’s time to bake from scratch. On Sundays there’s time to make a full roast complete with roasted potatoes, rice, gravy and an assortment of delicious vegetables. On Sundays there’s time to watch movies, take naps and wrestle on the couch cushions. At the same time, you’re aware of the fact that soon you’ll be back in Monday mode. Soon you’ll be tense and rushed and feel like you’re never on time for anything.

But still. I’d take a Sunday over a Friday evening, any day of the week.

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4 Responses to Sundays Are An Interesting Mix of Bliss And Torture

  1. Ankia says:

    I take Friday evenings rather. Looking forward to all of it is better than looking back on it 🙂 Btw – we actually managed to watch a whole dvd this afternoon. James had a long nap! 😉

  2. cassey says:

    I agree with you, there is just something about Sundays that’s good and bad.

  3. SheBee says:

    I love my Sunday’s too. I usually get up around ten, make coffee for the Jew and I and head upstairs after a shower. There I will simultaneously do work, catch up on blogs, watch Idols reruns and listen to Jon screaming into his Team Speak mic’ while playing World of Warcraft.

    It’s my day to stare out the window, smoke on the balcony, spy on the neighbours, chat to my mom on skype, sit around naked all day, paint my nails. All the while knowing that my boyfriend is right there should I want to say something, but reveling in the fact that I don’t have to.

    Totally agree with you, although Friday nights are just as rad for me. It’s usually our sexy time night. Woo!
    .-= SheBee´s last blog ..The weekend that was =-.

  4. Angel says:

    I love Sundays. I don’t have enough of them “off”.
    .-= Angel´s last blog ..Lookit Lookit! =-.

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