It’s Like A Blog Post, It Has Pictures And Everything

I am entirely grateful and utterly ecstatic that it’s Friday. Although I don’t anticipate much peace and quiet this weekend. It’s The Boyfriend’s 30th birthday tomorrow – and we’re having a small family thing at his parent’s house. Then we’re going out afterwards – and I suspect Sunday will be spent with a thumping hangover. Especially since how my father-(s)in-law has bought me 24 frozen cocktails. And those bad boys are at least 400ml big, right? That’s a lot of hangover – right there.

I’ve ordered cupcakes for him, from The Cupcake Lady. Strawberry daiquiri ones. (Yes, my Boyfriend also thinks strawberry daiquiri cocktails are delicious, even though he’d never drink one in public) Because they’re totally mouthgasmic. Can’t wait to have a cupcake in one hand, and a frozen cocktail in the other. That’s going to be the highlight of my Saturday – I can see it.(PS: if you haven’t checked out The Cupcake Lady before, you totally should. You won’t regret it.)

I am also totally loving on these customised letter art wall canvasses from AlphaBetty. Kim Gray is giving away an A3 print of your choice. Details here. I’d love one to hang above my bed – I’ve been saving that wall for something special (you know, like a big mirror or something) but I could so see it being adorned with something like this.

I’ve bought The Boyfriend a lazy-boy-recliner for his birthday. He wanted one to relax in while he plays his PS3. As there’s no space for it in the lounge we have downstairs, this means that in all likelihood, moving the lounge upstairs will happen much quicker. There’s incentive now. Apparently The Boyfriend still has to run new isolator power points or something – but I think he might be more inclined to do so now. Then we still need to figure out how we’re going to get the couches upstairs. Narrow, steep straircase and huge, extra-depth overstuffed sofas are going to be somewhat problematic.

The builders finished moving walls around at our house. I don’t really have pictures of it, but suffice it to say, that when The Boyfriend originally decided to have walls built (a. to keep The Kid from escaping and b. to keep the dogs from escaping) he didn’t really think it through, and it turned out that he simply created an ugly-looking alley-way and the walls were at such an angle that the leftside garage couldn’t be used – there wasn’t enough space to actually drive into it. Now the walls have been opened up somewhat, and suddenly I have the luxury of two pieces of dirt that I plan to turn into two small corner gardens. If it were up to my Boyfriend, we’d have just grass and palm trees, but I want some more greenery and some bright flowers and maybe a herb or two.

The problem with now having two potential garden spaces is I’m not sure I have greenfingers anymore. Ever since having The Kid, everything I try to grow, seems to peg it. I think that I’m using channeling all my growing thoughts at my Kid, having none left over for plants. But. I am going to try once more. I have ordered some very hardy, drought-resistant, low maintenance seeds and bulbs online, and now I need to hit up a nursery and buy some awesome soil and seed trays. I’ve bought loads of different types of cosmos. They’re totally low maintenance, right? Just in case, I might need to set daily reminders on my BlackBerry to water my plants. I’d like to have some stuff growing and starting to look decent, by the time we put the house on the market. Let’s hope it can be done, right? I’ve also ordered seeds for some wall-creeper type plants, and a few herb plants too – and no. Not the smokeable varieties. (Sitenote: seems everyone is on some sort of gardening-mission these days – have we grown up that much?)

I desperately need/want to go jean-pant-shopping this weekend. Am in total need of a few new pairs of non-skanky jeans. After sitting down on the front steps, and feeling the welcome mat directly on the skin of my ass, I’ve decided that it’s time to replace all of my super-comfortable, but super-worn-and-ripped jeans and get new ones. Any recommendations on where to start shopping?

Also. Since I’ve been forgetting to vote for myself every day – I’d like to remind you – there, on the sidebar of this blog, is the VOTE FOR ME in the SA 2010 Blog Awards button.

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So. what’s on your weekend agenda?

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4 Responses to It’s Like A Blog Post, It Has Pictures And Everything

  1. Jean Pant says:

    I wanna come with when you go jean pant shopping!
    .-= Jean Pant´s last blog ..Oh God- Mom’s drunk again Hide =-.

  2. Angel says:

    I friggin love that picture of you!
    Those canvas prints are so original! I wish I could come up with stuff like that.
    This weekend we are celebrating my dad’s birthday, else I would so be celebrating the BFs birthday with you.
    .-= Angel´s last blog ..Blogging My Blog- Mommy &amp Daddy Darling Asked… =-.

  3. rob sellen says:

    That’s a great picture, hope ya fella has a great birthday, with you that’s highly likely. 🙂

    I like that “you blow me away” canvas too, sweet, *sigh I need a mrs like you… lol 🙂

    Have a great weekend. 😀
    .-= rob sellen´s last blog ..Attraction factor and Missy magic… =-.

  4. MeganTS says:

    I *need* that wall art! it’s gorgeous!!

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