On Multi-Tasking: Some Things Fall By The Wayside, It’s True

It’s no excuse that I’ve been busy, I know. So instead of apologising, I’ll get right into the blogpost. Since I’ve been AWOL for quite some time, let’s break it down by category:

1. Work things:

Of course, there’s Girl Guides. Loads of work editing, reviewing, writing reviews, writing newsletters and…most importantly…the shiny toys.  I’m currently reviewing a Nikon D3100. Can’t even begin to tell you how excited I was when a huge box arrived from Nikon, with my name on it.

The perfect opportunity for me, because the D3100 is exactly the entry-level SLR camera I was looking at getting myself, and it’s meant for the n00b like me – there’s a Guide mode, that completely holds your hand through every single different kind of shot you might like to take. So….if I like it….I’ll get one.

It’s not all hard work, however. On Friday a bunch of the Girl Guides got treated to a spa day at the Renaissance Day Spa at the Michelangelo Hotel. Massages, facials, manicures and pedicures – we had them all, courtesy of Lenovo, as they introduced us to their latest product, the Lenovo IdeaPad U260 – perfect for women.

There’s the magazine. We’re currently working on the January issue, which goes to print on the 12th of December. So we’re frantically trying to get everything done before then. And I’m always surprised how much hard work goes into a single issue of the magazine.  The Kid’s day mother is closing on the 10th of December, and his big school only opens on the 11th of January, so I’ll be working from home, for some time.

There’s also Body Thrills – we’ve been working hard on consolidating our product range – and there’s now a delectable offering of everything from handmade, natural face masks through to rich, moisturising body polishes and foot scrubs and exfoliating face washes and refreshing shower gels and delicious body butters. Oh the body butters are amazing. Everything is completely safe for people with sensitive skin – there are no preservatives, colourants or artificial fragrances or chemicals in any of our products.

Our Body Thrills Christmas specials are up, and trust me – if you suck at gift giving – this specials guide will have you sorted.

2. Parenting things:

I’ve found The Kid a school to go to next year. It’s close to home and it’s pretty much perfect. They offer swimming lessons, soccer lessons, music lessons and the like, in addition to their regular curriculum. The place is clean, friendly and inviting and it has a pretty rad playground too. When I went to check it out, the kids were having a baking class – how cool is that?

We’ve not made one iota of progress with the potty-training and he still refuses to give  up the nappy. But….they do potty-training at his new school, so I’m not too worried about that. I think he just needs some boys around for competition, and then he’ll see the point of potty-training. Hopefully.

I can’t believe he’s already three. My baby boy is already three years old. I’m sure I’ve said this before – it’s hard to believe he’s already three, and at the same time, it’s hard to believe he’s only three, if you get what I mean.

All of the usual he’s-my-child-therefore-i’m-obligated-to-think-he’s-a-genius stuff aside, he’s bloody smart. His conversation skills are excellent, and he has a better vocabulary than most adults. He gets the difference between past, present and future tense, and if I correct him on something, he repeats what I’ve corrected him on, and then doesn’t get it wrong again. He’s got a wickedly naughty sense of humour and loves playing jokes on people. And totally takes after his mother, in that he’s instinctively good at emotional manipulation.

He’s such a boy’s boy, too. He’s all about the bashing and the smashing and the guns and the swords. His favourite game is Ninja Skills, which he plays with his father – basically they karate chop each other, and fall around giggling. Robots and dinosaurs – he can’t get enough of them. His current favourite movie is Iron Man 2. Am fucking sick of Robert Downey Jr, I won’t lie.

3. Social life things:

Totally non-existent. I spent Saturday night home alone, whilst The Boyfriend went to a stag party. The alone time was heavenly.

4. Family things:

Last Christmas we’d bought The Boyfriend’s Mother a voucher from Jeanette Verster Photography to have our family portrait done. Eleven months later, we finally got round to having that family shoot. If you’re looking for a photographer for a wedding/party/birthday/baby shower – Jeanette comes highly recommended. If you need convincing, just check out these gorgeous pictures she took of my Kid.

5. Relationship things:

We’ve been fighting a lot, but we’ve been communicating more effectively –  it’s true. Although there’s been a fair amount of name-slinging and irrational tantrums, they’ve simmered down pretty quickly, and we’ve kissed and made up much quicker than usual. It’s been a tough year for our relationship, but I’ve realised that I don’t want to throw it away. In fact, I’m very grateful that I haven’t managed to fuck it up yet, although I believe I have come close once or twice. But we’re pretty forgiving with each other – which is what love is all about, isn’t it?

He thinks he’s being secretive about ring shopping, but he really hasn’t been. So yes. I know I’m getting a ring, I’m just not sure when or how. I also know that I’ll say yes, when he does ask. Despite all our fighting and our hating each other – I couldn’t ask for a better man to spend the rest of my life with. He’s funny, he’s gentle, he’s protective and fiercely loyal, and he’s never once let me down. Ever. Bad temper aside (also guilty of that) – he’s pretty much perfect and I’m glad I’ve finally realised that.

6. Love things:

I’ve developed a bit of an obsession. With plates, cups, saucers and tea pots. Specifically those with the Willow pattern. Read the story behind the pattern here. So obsessed am I  that I’m determined to collect an entire dinner service of the stuff, piece-by-piece. So far I have: two dinner plates and two saucers. This teapot will be my next acquisition.

I was talking on the phone to my grandmother about it and she told me that her mother had an entire Willow-patterned dinner service. Wish I knew what had happened to it.

I finally got round to planting some stuff in my new flower-bed this weekend. If my Boyfriend had his way, it would be nothing but grass and palm trees in our garden, but I finally managed to persuade him I should have a flower bed and that we should have some colour in our garden. He has no idea that I plan to take over the entire garden, bit by bit.

I raided my mother’s garden on Saturday and came away with: agapanthus, mint, creeping geranium, some lillies and zinnias and cosmos. I also planted a whole bunch of seeds at the same time: basil, red poppies, loads more cosmos and some alyssums too.  Cant wait for it to all start growing, and for some colour to happen.

Long story short: I’m busy, I’m happy. I’m sleep-deprived, harassed and over-worked. Spread-too-thin, but loving (almost) every minute of my insanely busy life right now.

How about you? What’s your long-story-short?

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15 Responses to On Multi-Tasking: Some Things Fall By The Wayside, It’s True

  1. T says:

    Dude, you need to come and raid my moms house. She’s been collecting willow as far back as I can remember. Want willow plates? That’s what I ate off my whole life. Willow vases? Tins? Tea cups? Whatever you want 😉

    Also, can I go to your kids school? That sounds awesome, can’t wait to hear how his first days go and what om noms he makes for you guys in that baking class 😀

    I’m glad that despite the craziness, you’re happy with it. Happiness is key after all.
    .-= T´s last blog ..30 Seconds to Mars Epic Win =-.

  2. blackhuff says:

    You do sound hectically busy. I hope that it gets better if you want it to get quieter.
    Enjoy reviewing the Nikon.
    Enjoy the time at home also 🙂
    .-= blackhuff´s last blog ..Remembering how I got here =-.

  3. Jeanette says:

    Glad you’re enjoying the Nikon 🙂
    As for the rest… sounds completely hectic! Glad you found a school for The Kid
    .-= Jeanette´s last blog ..Baby Cayden is 13 Days Old =-.

  4. NickiD says:

    My long story short? Desperately want to feel happy, like properly happy. Right now I too feel harassed. Also depressed, unloved, unpretty and good-for-nothing. Sucks 🙁
    I am dying to do a shoot with my Monkey and husband. But I don’t really love him (husband) right now, so photos would be a farce. Will definitely get in touch with Jeanette when I’m ready though – your pics are GORGEOUS! x
    .-= NickiD´s last blog ..Holiday What holiday Day One =-.

  5. What a great catch-up and post, and the pics are stunning. Yes, also spread too thin on this side. One thing about relationships and choosing the one you want to marry – the good heart is the important part and it seems the BF definitely has it.
    .-= cat@juggling act´s last blog ..Friday again! =-.

  6. Wenchy says:

    As always, I love that you are real.

    .-= Wenchy´s last blog ..Day 30 → A letter to yourself- tell yourself EVERYTHING you love about yourself =-.

  7. Bonita says:

    eXhausTion oVerLoad!! ..it’s great to see I’m not the only one with my minutes filled up everyday.. but it’s important that those minutes be filled with things one loooves, whether it’s “to do” or “to be around”… so nothing wrong with that!! 😀

  8. I think our boys are in sync. We introduced Aaron to Iron Man 2 on the weekend when we were watching it and he digs it!

  9. Bobbi Janay says:

    Girl things sound like over all they are going swimmingly.

  10. Alice in Wonderland says:

    wow… you’re so busy creating an amazing future…. it’s so awesome to have seen where you started just over 3 years ago and to see where you are headed…. so much to be so proud of…
    me? leaving asia 🙁 …packing and starting my life again… saying goodbye to gorgeous and annoying 3/4 year olds……drinking and celebrating… avoiding packing…. loads of partying…. avoiding the ex… thinking of thailand (and the foreign horny men)… avoiding packing… crying… laughing…. youtube (aids in the avoiding of afore mentioned packing)… making out and groping on the mrt with stranger during peak hour…. which leads me back to avoiding the ex….
    i love and can’t wait to see you…

  11. Alice in Wonderland says:

    and i didn’t say fuck once in the previous post 🙂

  12. flarkus says:

    Keep up your impressively exhausting bashing at the life mountain, Exmi.

    On the D3100 – I got it’s predecessor, the D3000, a year ago and now would love something with more strengths, like the D90. The “guide mode” is only useful for a month or so as you get to grips with SLR tech. If you plan to do serious shooting I’d recommend saving up for a more serious model, else pick up a very good point-and-shoot instead

    Just 2c’s worth

  13. Amy says:

    Fantastic blog. Sounds like you have been so busy. Looks like you have accomplished a lot too. Here is a website that would help you with the Kid. There is some great advice on potty training and choosing schools. http://www.Risingchild.com Good luck!

  14. Angel says:

    Busy as shit I am!! I can’t wait till I close up for the holidays!
    .-= Angel´s last blog ..Now I Wanna Know… =-.

  15. Monex says:

    That first night potty training he wet the bed but the worst part was he was so awakened and intrigued by us changing the sheets that he was up for 1 1 2 to 2 hours that first night. It was so brutal that the next day we broke one of the methods rules and bought Pull-Ups the kind that gets cold to save us from another rough night but hoped we werent undoing the potty training. We didnt even know until we went upstairs awhile later and we put underwear on him my plan was only to use one pull-up a night and he woke up dry that morning.

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