PicknPay Real Baby Hamper – I Got Real Lucky

My Wednesday morning was brightened by my first delivery from PicknPay. They’ve chosen me as one of their mommy bloggers – and my first assignment is to review their housebrand range of baby products – awesome!

As you can see – I got a serious amount of stuff – two packs of disposable nappies, shampoo, baby lotion, powder, baby soap, ear buds, cotton wool, bum wipes, nappy cream, petroleum jelly and…and…and… 🙂

As you can well expect – I’m a seriously happy mama.

Here are my first impressions of the PicknPay Real Baby Range:

Packaging and design has had a total makeover: My Kid loved the black and white cows, flowers and monkeys that appear on all of the labels. The colour scheme of grey, buttercup yellow, white and black works well – it’s suitable for girl babies and boy babies. The products look pretty funky.

Everything smells mild, fresh and clean: chamomile extract would be the reason for that. And who doesn’t adore that clean-baby smell?

It’s good-quality stuff, at an affordable price – value for money. I’ve long been a fan of the PicknPay Baby Wipes. Why? Because you get a pack of 72 wipes, for under R30.  Babies are expensive – and you’ve got to try cut costs/increase savings wherever possible. I’ve also long been a fan of their baby clothes for the same reason – good quality, nice designs and variety and serious value for money.

I’d tried the housebrand nappies about two years back, and was appalled at the quality.  The waistband was made of a weird plastic sticky cling-film type stuff, and the entire thing was basically a sanitary pad with  plastic sticky wings that went around the waist – it was unpleasant, clammy and did NOT do the job at all.

So I was impressed to see that there’s been a HUGE improvement (and I mean an astronomical one) and after a mere two days of using the Real Baby disposable nappies, I can definitely say that I’ll be making the switch from Pampers nappies – without hassle. The nappies are seriously absorbent and my Kid was completely dry this morning, even though he slept for 11 hours in that same nappy and had two huge bottles of milk before bed.

My Kid fit into a size 5 – which is the biggest size that these Real Baby nappies come in. The waist-band is elasticated and fits comfortably. I was rather pleased, as he wears a size 6 Pampers, which is almost starting to get too small, and with all the reluctance (read: flat-out refusal) to potty-train – I’ve made peace with the fact that nappies will be in my life for a bit longer – and these nappies are just the thing to see me through to my Kid being potty-trained one day.

Overall, I’m very chuffed with the hamper I received from PicknPay and it further served to cement this customer’s satisfaction with the brand. They’ve also just made themselves a new fan of their disposable nappies – and it takes a fair amount to impress me and my Kid – only the best for his bottom!

I’m looking forward to trying out the rest of the products we received – will be updating you on my thoughts and opinions in the next few days, once we’ve had a chance to try everything.

So – have you tried anything from the PicknPay Real Baby Range yet?

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5 Responses to PicknPay Real Baby Hamper – I Got Real Lucky

  1. sagree says:

    this is so cool…..enjoy….cants wait to buy some of this stuff for my lg

  2. Chrizette says:

    Oh wow – congratulations! I didn’t know that we also go to do product reviews in South Africa!

    I love Pick ‘n Pay and buy many of their housebrand products although I am not in the baby department yet. Am glad that you are impressed though 🙂
    .-= Chrizette´s last blog ..MIA for a day or two =-.

  3. I like the new packaging!! Think I need to try that shampoo on the boys (after checking whether it has sulphur in it)
    .-= Jeanette Verster´s last blog ..324-365 – Boo =-.

  4. Cliare says:

    That is really awesome. There are so many moms that wonder about products and never quite know what is right to use and what isnt. http://www.risingchild.com/group/viewdiscussion/114-It+worked+for+me?groupid=25 This is a link to a discussion that different moms share and try and give advice on what works best for them.
    I think you have a great advantage to try new things and let moms know which products you enjoy.

  5. Larise says:

    Hi I hav read the reviews on the diapers and decided 2 purchase a trial pack,wow was I blown away my babas woke up dry,to think I once worked 4 this company which is the best retailer!! I will continue 2 use the Real baby diapers they are the best product ever,no leaks and baby stays dry and comfortable!! In fact I think I will give all the other products a try!! Thanx pick n pay 4 building ur brand!!

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