Things I’m Loving On

1. Being at home, all the time. But still being able to go anywhere else, whenever I please. Peace and quiet. There’s lots of it when I’m home alone, in the mornings. The peace and quiet is so worthwhile, that I don’t even mind cleaning house and doing dishes, on the days that the housekeeper isn’t here. Not having to listen to my music through headphones. Not having to talk to anyone if I don’t want to. Being able to walk around during the day, with no pants. Yup. Being at home, all the time surely does float my boat.

2. Having time to do things like read books. I think I probably only read about 10 new books last year, which is a far cry from my 10 new books a month that I was on – even while studying law. Best of all, I’ve even had the time to join the local public library, and I must say that I’m totally impressed. It’s a triple-storey building absolutely bursting at the seams with books. I’m in absolute heaven and am currently reading about 5 books simultaneously, by leaving a book in each room of the house for me to read, when I spend time in that room. I’m loving the variety of books that I have access to now, and am enjoying an awesome mix of non-fiction, mixed with semi-autobiography and pure-escapism fantasy titles that I came home with – looking forward to hitting the library again, tomorrow.

3. Having the time to indulge in things like gardening. Growing flowers and herbs from seed has been an incredibly rewarding experience. Even though most of my gardening strategy involves planting and forgetting, everything still seems to be coping with life pretty well. I have gorgeous zinnias, big bold red poppies, shocking-pink cosmos, bright yellow chrysanthemums and vibrant purple and white alyssums that are busy flowering their faces off right now. It won’t be long before my sunflowers open, either.

As far as herbs go – I have basil exploding everywhere, loads of mint and some rosemary and English thyme too. There’s also country cream oregano, coriander and my rocket has started sprouting furiously too. I’ve got golden sage and lemon verbena.  I’ve got jasmine that’s currently creeping it’s way up my walls at a rapid pace, and for more creeper, I’ve planted some granadilla seeds, which have also begun to sprout very enthusiastically as well. I have big plans for the back garden as well – possibly a big, beautiful (and most importantly useful) herb garden, that I can use for Body Thrills. Possibly even a corner filled with succulents – now those look like rewarding plants to grow.

4. Having the time to catch up with and visit friends. Going for coffees, lunches. Driving through new parts of Jozi. Exploring the suburb I live in and discovering new places around me. Yes, I finally signed up to Foursquare, and have been using the BlackBerry app as you might have noticed on Twitter. (4sq also integrates excellently with SocialScope) I love being able to see everything around me and looking for new spots, restaurants, shops and the like that I might have never have noticed if someone else hadn’t checked in there, before. There are so many cool new places in the ‘Vale that I have to try out, so it’s awesome for getting to know your city. Also,  I am pretty effing determined to oust the dude that’s currently mayor of just about everything in my neighbourhood, and am well on my way to doing so!

5. Finding my way around Jozi, without getting lost by my GPS. Why? Because I currently have no GPS. That’s right. I use the Garmap Mobile app on my BlackBerry, and I actually couldn’t be more stoked with this app if I tried. Unlike previous GPS devices I’ve spent time navigating with – this app has everything you need to get you where you need to go, without fuss and without getting lost. It can calculate my route based on shortest route/fastest time/avoid motorways and warns me of speed cameras (how handy – I just had 3grands worth of speeding fines reduced to 1.5, so I definitely need to know where the cameras are!) and gives spoken instructions, so you don’t actually have to look at, or hold your phone while driving and if you did want to hold your phone and do things like make calls or tweet or take pictures, the app continues navigating and instructing you, in the background. So stoked am I with this app that I may actually never need to buy a GPS device, ever.

6. Having time for those who are important to me, actually is amazing. Spending my mornings doing my thing, alone and then going to fetch my Kid at about midday when I can’t bear to be parted from him anymore, is pretty marvelous. Spending time pottering around in the garden with him, building race tracks and making pizzas or baking, with my son is good for us. Spending time with my Boyfriend, is good for us. I can’t even begin to explain how supportive and loving he’s been lately. Spending more time together as a family is great as well, and we’re all benefiting from more time to play, learn and enjoy each other’s company.

Long story short. The thing I’m loving on the hardest right now?

Being happy.

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10 Responses to Things I’m Loving On

  1. Zoe says:

    wow, that sounds amazing 🙂

  2. StevenMcD says:

    Sounds like happiness all round!

  3. flarkus says:

    /admits to heinous levels of envy

  4. blackhuff says:

    I’m happy for you that you are so happy these days. Good for you.

  5. Ok, now I am totally green. With envy.

  6. Awesome post 🙂 Lots of happiness and love!

  7. cybersass says:

    you win. you have the life. and you can grow stuff. never been able to do that.

  8. Angel says:

    Its just so awesome!

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