On Crowd-Sourcing, Twitter And Car-Shopping

We’ve been umming and aaahing over cars lately. The time has come to trade in the Honda Jazz, apparently, as it’s currently sitting on just under 100,000km on the clock. Now, if it were up to me, I’d hang onto this car and drive it until it falls apart. But my fiance won’t hear of it, and he’s been hunting high and low for a replacement car for me.

Currently I’m driving a 2005 Honda Jazz 1.4 automatic, it was pre-owned and only had about 60,000km on the clock when we bought it in 2009. Finding a replacement Jazz is turning out to be difficult – there are loads of the manual versions, but honestly? I don’t think I can drive a manual car. I really don’t have the co-ordination to get my head around the clutch control/change gears/use both feet to drive thing. I like automatic, I like to put my foot down and drive. I like not stalling and I like not getting an aching left foot in traffic.

So that limits my options a fair amount. Currently, we’re considering a pre-owned 2011  Honda Jazz V-tech 1500 with 26,000km on the clock and a brand new Hyundai i20 1400 automatic. (There’s a 10grand difference between the 2nd-hand Jazz and the brand new i20 – yes, a second-hand Jazz is more expensive than a new i20). I’ve driven and loved the hell out of my Jazz and it’s proven itself safe – having been involved in numerous prangs blonde moments – and it’s an absolute pleasure to drive. It’s fairly light on fuel, it’s easy to park (I don’t hazard parallel parking/alley docking) but it’s expensive to service. One service cost us six grand.

As I’ve already established, I really love my Jazz and I have absolutely no idea about the i20 – I’ve seen them on the road, but I’ve never been inside one, or even seen one up close. So I consulted Twitter this morning, and was absolutely overwhelmed by the responses (of which there were over 100). The question I posed:

Honda Jazz 1.5 v-tec vs Hyundai 1.4 i20 – which is better?

I’ve decided to make a list of (some of the best) responses:


  • “IMHO, the new Jazz is a better bang for buck than the i20. But test drive both. Me, I would go for the Honda.” – @therealgeorge
  • “Jazz has slightly more storage space (back seats fold down true flat because of void under rear seats. but they are close..” – @darwinshome
  • “I’d go with the Jazz. Strong engines, reliable, flexible interior. Popular octogenarian wagons though :/” – @theurbandriver
  • “Honda VERY reliable, reasonably cheap to maintain. Better build than Hyundai….” – @blackburnmike
  • “personally I would take the Honda. I did my license in an i20 that was brand new and it lost its gear box” – @tln101
  • “Honda. the motor is so much better. Less problems and will last for years.” – @GrahaminAfrica
  • “honda has a better resale value :-)” – @karendenny (Sidenote: I don’t even know if this is true or not – can anyone tell me?)
  • “I’d go the Honda route. Nothing against Hyundai, but Honda make really good, solid cars.” – @lizlaughalot


  • “Good Car. Good Value for Money. Bigger than the i10. A good overall car. it is a good seller and should have a good resale value” – @therealgeorge
  • “Only used the 1.6 manual with low profile tyres – A great car, great specs, and good price – but with the tyres it was painful to ride” – @darwinshome
  • “I love it. Best buy yet! Leather seats are a nice extra to add.” – @MeggGeri
  • “No probs with Maint and services (get the motorplan). It is better than the Jazz” – @therealgeorge
  • “i20 is good. Hyundai has excellent service/maintenance packages. Can’t tell you about resale values though. Check the Ncap rating tho!” – @CAPT_PiCKles
  • “A friend has the manual version, he is loving it, no issues in the past year or so.” – @NoodleZA
  • “I had the predecessor, the Getz. Cheap to maintain, not a single mechanical issue yet I bought it second hand. I really loved it!” – @nafisa
  • “i20 is good. Decent warranty, quite nippy to drive and safe too. If I recall correctly it was a finalist in the Car of the Year 2010” – @davethecarguy
  • @F1sasha says the Jazz will be built better, but more expensive to run. Says i20 is a very good car, albeit a bit plasticky.” – @kimschulze
  • “The jazz is a good car but long in the tooth. Good service support. i20 is much newer and Hyundai have great service support.  Go i20.” – @NoodleZA
  • “Yes, but the i20 has a 5 star rating too. Honda has a standard 4yr/60 000km serv plan, Hyundai only a 3yr/60 000km plan.” – @CAPT_PiCKles
  • “BUT, you’re looking at the 1,4 Auto. I suggest the 1,6 GLS @ R169 900 because the jazz has a new look due in about 2 years.” – @CAPT_PiCKles
  • “I think the i20 has a better motor plan/service plan.” – @ShannonS19
  • “My aunt constantly sings its praises: reliable, plenty boot space, not heavy on fuel. I’m thinking of getting one as well.” – @qudsiya
  • “My mom drives a Hyundai, she LOVES it, easy to maintain, decent service prices, zippy little car :)” – @gnat_j
  • “Golf cart with a roof. Rented one once. Could barely fit two people’s luggage in it. So, fine for renting maybe, but too small to own IMO.” – @nickjackson
  • “we had a honda, brand new with motorplan – brakes needed to be replaced within 9 mths. R6k – not covered. I now drive audi – all incl.” – @karendenny
  • affordable and Hyundai was good ito service” – @samanthaperry

But. As you can see – there is a lot of conflicting advice and  a pretty even spread between those who are pro-Honda and those who are pro-Hyundai. Which means I’m no closer to making a decision.

Which is where you come in, dear gentle readers. I need your help. Which car should I choose – and why? Help is URGENTLY required, as I have NO clue when it comes to things that are four-wheel related. (or even two-wheeled, for that matter!)

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9 Responses to On Crowd-Sourcing, Twitter And Car-Shopping

  1. Dawn says:

    Please get a *new* i20.. have driven both as courtesy cars and i20 blew me away. Honda auto was lot of noise and no oomph. 🙂

  2. MeeA says:

    If maintenance costs weren’t an issue, I’d go for the Honda. But since Hyundai have such fantastic warranties and service plans, and are generally cheaper to maintain, I’d say this is the better deal.
    MeeA´s last blog post ..Rainy Days & Mondays

  3. Peter says:

    Your best bet: keep the Jazz with just under 100 000 km on the clock … that’s not at all high for a modern car. You can drive it for at least another 100 000 km and more. And it’s probably paid for … use the money on something meaningful … 🙂

  4. Angel says:

    When my Glugster and I were in Oz, we drove an i30 and were both very impressed with the space and the drive.
    The decider for me when choosing a car, is always the cost of the maintenance.
    Angel´s last blog post ..BLOGTHINGS!!!

  5. Well, you already know my stance on Honda Jazz cars (and drivers), haha. But above that, I would definitely go the Hyundai i20 route in this choice. Hyundai are currently the 2nd best selling make in SA, and are quickly taking on Toyota at the top spot.

    My brother has the 1.6i Manual which I drive around for a day or two and was utterly impressed by it’s build quality, handling and features. Hyundai is nowhere near what it used to be 5 years ago. The after sales support is superb, and servicing costs are good.

    Another car to consider is the Kia Rio 1.5 Auto which comes in around R2k less than the i20 and it has great bang for buck?

  6. Johanni says:

    I had the i20 and it was a total bitch to trade in as they are used for rental cars and i20’s are currently flooding the market. Great car though, but if you are looking for pure value for money, I would consider the new Kia Rio TEC 😉

  7. Kurt says:

    So, interesting comments. I, personally, would choose the i20 simply because of Hyundai’s brilliant after-sales service and because it’s awesome to drive. Honda’s (especially newer ones) are pretty expensive to maintain. My wife drove 1 as a courtesy car a while back and still crawls up into a little ball on the floor now and again crying because she misses the 2-day affair she had with the i20. ALSO, friends of ours bought an i20 about a month ago and they’re considering selling the house and just living in the car because they hate having to part with it. Simply said, I’ve heard too many bad things about Honda and too many good things about the i20 to advise you to take the Honda at all. It might be a bit of a spanner, but I agree with the other guys about the Kia Rio. Before you purchase the i20 (which I hope you will :P), check out the Rio’s specs I got for you: http://bit.ly/xEzgcP In short: buy the i20, but before you do, test drive the Kia Rio.

  8. Bobbi says:

    I don’t know anything about these specific cars. I grew up in a Honda Family, we all drive them. There are 5 kids total, My Dad, His Wife, My Mom, and My stepmom’s ex all drive hondas.
    On the manual front, I am the most uncoordinated person. I drove one for 4 years and would still have it, if not for some teenager taking out the front end.
    Bobbi´s last blog post ..Going to the Dark Side

  9. Zoe says:

    The Hundai i20!

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