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Meet FredFredBurger. The fiance and I had him made while I was pregnant with The Kid. He’s of the Build-a-Bear variety and he came with a birth certificate and everything. His fur is soft, and inside his layers of stuffing, he has a red, fluffy heart. The whole point of the heart inside the bear, is to make a wish while you’re inserting it. The fiance wished for a healthy baby. I wished for a boy. And both our wishes came true.

FredFredBurger gave me a lot of comfort while I was pregnant. He was awesome to sleep with, on the nights that I didn’t get to spend with the father of my child. (We weren’t living together yet) FredFredBurger has given our son a lot of comfort too, and there’s many a night that I go in to The Kid’s room to check on him, and his arms are firmly wrapped around the bear’s tummy.

FredFredBurger is one of many teddies and toys in our household. You see, this Kid is an only child and has a huge, loving family that love to spoil him often. He’s lucky. He has more toys than he can count and more love than he can handle at any one time. Some kids are not as lucky. Some kids don’t have families to spoil them. Some kids don’t even have one teddy, let alone a dozen.

This gave a very special lady an idea. @Fleabeke, inspired by the success and generosity of people on Twitter, participating in the twitter blanket drive – decided to start collecting comfort for kids. Not warmth, not food, not money. Comfort. Comfort in the form of a fluffy companion. She’s encouraging parents to sort through their kids’ toys and stuffed animals and pick out some that can be shared with other kids, who are less fortunate than themselves.

Vibeke sent me an email : “So started the Teddy Drive. For now, it is Cape Town based. The lovely restaurant ‘I Love My Laundry’ (@ilovemylaundry on twitter) have come onboard and agreed to be a drop off point for teddies and toys and will even throw in a free coffee for any donations (I have also asked that teddies please be washed). The charities that I have chosen so far are Nazareth House (http://www.nazhouse.org.za/) and the Hillsong Africa Foundation (http://hillsongafrica.com/).

Knowing how much love my son has for FredFredBurger, I decided that I wanted to join in and help out. This weekend I plan to go through his many boxes of toys and pick out the stuff he’s outgrown. My charity of choice is Little Eden – a sanctuary for 300 children and adults with profound intellectual disabilities.

I’d like to encourage you to do the same. If you’d like to drop off your teddies and assorted other toys with me, get in touch. If you’re close enough, I don’t mind collecting from you. If you know of a restaurant/shop/venue that would be willing to help out as a drop-off point in Jozi, let me know, so we can work something out. If you’re in Cape Town – hit up the I Love My Laundry spot, and enjoy a free coffee in this cold weather.

While we’re on the subject of teddies, I’d also like to tell you about these awesome winter bears. See the one my Kid is cuddling in this picture?

It’s made out of one of his old baby blankets that I just couldn’t bear (hehe) to give away. My Kid has named him Spotsy and he has a removable, microwaveable heat-pack tummy – making for warm winter cuddles. Way better than a hot water bottle.

If you’re looking for a lovely keepsake (and no doubt most mums have their favourite baby blanket stored in a cupboard somewhere, long after their child has stopped being a baby) then get in touch with my sister, Mandi. She lovingly made Spotsy, and will be more than willing to do the same for you.

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2 Responses to On Teddies

  1. blackhuff says:

    Thanks for the contact info regarding the teddy she made out of an old blanket. She’s very crafty and have skill.
    blackhuff´s last blog post ..Munchkin Meals & Friday

  2. Angel says:

    Ag no I have no teddies or anything left from when my knucklehead was a baby! Even all his blankets are gone!

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