Spring In Jozi. And Something Else, I Say.

It’s finally warm enough to do comfortable day outings around water. We went fishing a few weeks back – The Fiance, The Kid and Rebecca, Dave and Jackson. We went to Brookwood Trout Farm. No one caught anything, as far as I know, but the kids definitely made the most of the gorgeous day.

It’s good to feel the rain again. Seriously. I’m always amazed at how it NEVER rains during the months of the dry highveld winters. I’m also always gobsmacked at the colour and greenery that appears mere hours after the first downpour.

On the 1st of September, the entire studio took the day out of the office. We went to the Standard Bank 20th Century French Masters exhibition in town and then moved on to the Botanical Garden for a picnic.

And these have been flowering their faces off, too. Like two years after I planted them. I’d almost given up on them completely.

And now, if you’re still here after all the flower pictures, an update of sorts on life-stuff:

  • We didn’t get the house we wanted. I’ve been miff about that. Shit got complicated, and shit happens and bla bla bla. But someone managed to snap it up before us – and there’s nothing we can do about it.
  • So we’re back to house-hunting. We’re back to walking away from every viewing feeling disappointed. We’re back to looking at the messes other people have made of houses they’re now trying to flog off for a fortune.
  • But at least we’re not giving up. We are pushing ahead regardless, grimly hoping that we’ll find something decent. We’re fussy and not willing to compromise, so it’s proving to be challenging.
  • The Kid is loving his karate. Despite not having much of an attention span, he’s actually getting better at it. Even though he gets distracted by his own reflection and spends a fair portion of the class peering into his belly-button, he seems to be having fun. He’s also back at swimming lessons, and doing exceptionally well at that. I wish I could still be the one taking him to his swim classes, but they’re in the early afternoon, so it’s not possible.
  • I had my 3 month review at the new job on Friday. I have successfully completed my probation, apparently. I guess I did okay. 🙂
  • I bought the material for my wedding dress last Saturday. It was a bit of a wow-moment – and I had to take a timeout so that I could process the fact that my life is so different to how I’d pictured it, 10 years ago. I somehow landed up driving around for 2 hours – listening to music and smoking cigarettes and just internalising a whole bunch of life stuff that I’d been avoiding for ages. But it was good, and I felt much better afterward.
  • I realised that despite the fact that my life is different – I’d planned NEVER to have children and NEVER to get married – that I was totally okay with the way things had turned out.
  • I realised that I’m totally ok with not going out clubbing, not waking up just about every week (and weekend) morning with a hangover and/or regrets. I’m totally ok with getting my kicks from collecting vintage crockery and restoring/face-lifting old furniture.

Speaking of Spring, and things that grow. Check this out:

He’s now a size 12, and is officially too heavy for me to carry. Jeezum.

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5 Responses to Spring In Jozi. And Something Else, I Say.

  1. saaleha says:

    Awesome times:)
    My gran still uses dinner plates and I think I spotted them in Kitty’s kitchen on That 70’s Show.

  2. saaleha says:

    re: the dinnerplate in your picture.

  3. Michelle says:

    Ohhh gorgeous photos. Makes me wish I was there!
    Michelle´s last blog post ..Hello? Anybody out there?

  4. blackhuff says:

    And it’s you and your fiance’s every right to be fussy. I can write blog posts about how people have ruined homes and now want to sell them for fortunes. So here’s to house hunting some more and finding that perfect home.
    blackhuff´s last blog post ..Christmas discussions

  5. Angel says:

    Oh you are SUCH a grown up!
    I’m sorry the house fell through… Here’s to good luck on the hunt.
    And what an awesome way to spend a day away from the office!
    Angel´s last blog post ..Erm… A Rose By Any Other Name…?

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