A Ranty Post. Dear @Clicks_SA. You Made Me Sad.

Let me preface this post by saying: I love the Clicks clinics. I’ve come to expect great service at the Edenmeadows branch for baby wellness and immunisations. Unfortunately this time around, Edenmeadows didn’t have stock of the government-subsidised vaccinations, so I had to shop around. On Friday, I called the Eastgate Clicks (after trying Rosebank and one or two others) and asked the clinic sister if she had government stock of the 4month vaccinations. She assured me she did.

I made an appointment for Monday morning. I arrived for my appointment, and asked again, just for my own peace of mind, if there was in fact stock of government vaccinations. The sister assured me that I was being given government vaccinations. I paid for my consultation, and my baby received his vaccinations. As I was on my way to work, I got a call from the sister asking me to come back to sign vaccination consent forms, that she’d forgotten to give me. Today, I get a call telling me that I was given non-government vaccinations and that i needed to come pay for them.

How can I be charged for something I didn’t ask for? How can I be asked to sign a consent form, after the fact? If the stock management procedures are not being followed, and proper paperwork procedures are not being followed either, how is this my problem?

I was also not informed about what any of the vaccinations were, or what to expect after they’d been administered. The procedure for informed consent was not followed. The clinic at Eastgate was also a complete mess and in utter confusion – there wasn’t even place on the patient bed for me to lie my baby down. I had to hold him on my lap while the vaccinations were administered.

The point of my rant? The sister at the Clicks Clinic in Edenmeadows is awesome, well-organised and good at her job. The one in Eastgate? Not so much. Is it fair to expect a customer to pay for her mistakes and inability to do her job properly?

Also? Shame. Look at my Toffee with his plasters on his chubby thighs. He screamed his face off after these injections. In the five months he’s been around, I haven’t heard him cry once, until now. His whole body went red, he was sobbing so hard. The gentle touch? She didn’t have it.

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4 Responses to A Ranty Post. Dear @Clicks_SA. You Made Me Sad.

  1. Mike says:

    Tell them to stuff off.
    That’s shocking service.

  2. blackhuff says:

    I agree. You should NOT pay for something you did not ask for
    blackhuff´s last blog post ..The weekend that passed

  3. Wow! You’d think that all their staff would be given the same training. Besides that, I really do feel that some people are better at their jobs than others because they’re “meant” for them, KWIM.
    Jessica Giggles´s last blog post ..The edible billboard

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