We Went To Gold Reef City Today

And this picture pretty much sums up my entire experience. It also re-affirmed for me that I am, by no stretch of the imagination, a thrill-seeker. My Kid and husband are, however.

I had a bit of a sob once I got off the Log Ride. A hysterical sob. I was pissed with my husband for convincing me to go on this ride and pissed when he laughed and insisted on buying this picture.

They were a tad disappointed that The Kid was 2cm too short to ride the scary stuff – like the Anaconda. (Their height restriction of no persons under 1.3m is strictly enforced) But, as the mom, I have to say that I was totally ok with him riding this, and enjoying it. It was way more my speed.

I have a phobia of heights. Which is why getting onto that Log Ride was a huge thing for me. I can’t do the Ferris Wheel. Look how high it is. I feel sick just looking at it. Kid got off it and said “that was cool, Mom, but I couldn’t see San Francisco.”.

gold reef city

Since we were in the children’s section of the theme park, I thought we’d left terror outside. Apparently we hadn’t. The spinning seashells were next. My husband was a tad incredulous at how much of a scaredycat I am. But I just can’t. Those shells spin so fast and hard I actually thought I was going to be flung out.

gold reef city bumper carsHe also enjoyed the bumper cars. I have to say, from observing a whole bunch of kids on these cars – that the girls are always the better drivers. The boys are fixated with causing huge mayhem, and the girls just weave in and out between the pile-ups caused by the boys.

We’ve promised to take The Kid back to Gold Reef City for his 7th birthday. That gives him 10 months to grow another 2cm so he can enjoy ALL the rides. As for me – I won’t be going on anything. Ever again. Never, never, never. But especially not on those freakin’ shells. My arms are so sore from the deathgrip I had on the safety bars.

Chicken, thy name is Tamaryn.

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3 Responses to We Went To Gold Reef City Today

  1. Louisa says:

    And here I was, thinking you were fearless. 😉
    Louisa´s last blog post ..Meet my little friend

  2. Ankia says:

    Haha! We also had fun & James loved everything but got a but scared on the uphill on the logride. Our family photo on there is hilarious. James & i look like you and your boy’s & husband is killing himself laughing, probably at my shrill yelps lol!!

    I’ve done the Anaconda once (years ago) and almost cried afterwards. SO flippen scary I almost pee my pants just watching other people do it…

  3. Angel says:

    I like the ferris wheel and the seashells, but I can’t do the other rides where there’s high-up-speed… I’ve been on that spinning swing twice, but it lasts too long – I like the first couple of spins and then I start thinking about what would happen if my chains snapped and I went flying into the trees or the other rides and then I want to get off.
    Angel´s last blog post ..On Dining At Table

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