On Mix-Ups: Robin Hood vs Jesus


This Kid. Has been told the Easter Bunny will not be coming this year, unless he has a serious change of attitude. He might only be 7, but he’s already showing me exactly what kind of teenager he’s going to be. A difficult one.

He can be obnoxious, hard work and stubborn. Doesn’t want to bath. Doesn’t want to get dressed for school. Doesn’t want to eat breakfast. Doesn’t want to do homework or go to karate. Just wants to roll his eyes at me and play video games.

He’s also been having a few impulse-control issues lately. Example? This week he stole R100 out of my purse. I didn’t realize, I thought I’d just left it in another handbag. It was only when his teacher sent me a note asking to see me, that I realized something was up.

Turns out he’d stolen the money from my wallet that was in the door of my car, while I was dropping Toffee off at the daymother. But what did he do with the money he’d stolen? Handed it in for Lent collection at school chapel service.

My Kid. Stealing for Jesus. I don’t quite know what to do with that one.


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3 Responses to On Mix-Ups: Robin Hood vs Jesus

  1. Gina says:

    hahaha. Sound like you are talking about Aaron. Must be an age thing šŸ™‚
    Gina´s last blog post ..All you need is loveā€¦

  2. Angel says:

    LOL! Oh dear! Maybe he forgot to ask you for cash for the collection…?

  3. Ankia says:

    Ai tog… Lol!

    I feel yournpain with the behaviour though. Same story here :/

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