On @AfricologySpa & Making Me-Time

The last time I went to a spa was probably over 6 years ago. It’s not something I choose to do, or generally have time for. With 2 kids, 1 husband and a full-time job, who has time for spas? Not this mama. So when I was offered the chance to try out Africology Spa’s Mother’s Day special in May (it’s now June, I’ve only just forced myself to make time out for myself) I seized the opportunity with both hands.


I’d read and heard a lot about Africology Spa on one of the brands I spent a lot of time working on, but never had a chance to experience it for myself. So two Fridays ago, I spent the morning with my bestie, while she had her eyebrows done and took me for breakfast. Dropped her back home and took myself off to Rosebank Mall, to the Africology Spa.

Therapeutic in approach, Africology makes a big deal about only using natural ingredients in their products. These ingredients are special, in that they’re bio-identical to the ingredients and natural minerals found in your own body, to enhance the integrity of your skin. Their product formulations and spa treatments are inspired by the wisdom of Africa’s traditional healers and are a celebration of  Africa’s vibrant heritage, communities and botanical bounty. Africology Spa promises to ensure that your body and biology are treated in harmony.



On the massage: With months of stress and tension knotting my back, shoulders and neck, a massage was exactly what I needed. This was no ordinary massage – it was a crystal massage. Focusing also on the energy around me, the massage began and ended with the chiming of bells over me. This, I imagine, is a method of dispelling and cleansing negative energy. The crystals were hot, which was welcome on the first seriously cold day of winter in Jozi. I had a choice of massage oils, I chose Marula oil. It’s beautifully blended with Neroli and Rooibos and my skin afterward was so incredibly soft and well hydrated.


My therapist, Lungi, was superb. A strong, firm touch – she worked every single kink out of my body, from head to toe. I’d been battling with a constant ache in my neck and left shoulder (an old injury involving an office chair. Don’t ask.) and when I walked out of the spa, I realised that I was pain-free for the first time in months. A total win.

On the facial: I don’t usually enjoy facials, and don’t much like someone else touching my face, but I was pleased that I enjoyed this one. Mostly because there was no steam portion of the treatment (you know, the machine that blows hot steam over your face), but rather hot, steamy, fragrant towels were placed over my face, which was rather nice given that the day was so cold. I lost track of how many different oils and balms were slathered into my skin, massaged in and rubbed off. I blissed out and focused on relaxing instead. Everything smelled beautiful. Everything felt amazing and I was surprised at how quickly the 90 minutes passed.

Long story short? It’s important to take time out for yourself. It doesn’t have to be often, but when you do, it should be something special. Even if you’re pressed for time, there’s no excuse as many of the Africology Spa treatments can be squeezed into your lunch hour, or slotted into a Saturday morning. I’d like to say I will definitely make more time for myself to go to the spa, more often, but I’d be lying. So this one heavenly experience will have to tide me over for the next few months, but it was that good that it definitely will!

I also received a Gratitude & Love candle from Africology, which is on my nightstand. It smells like peonies and because of its strong, relaxing fragrance it gets lit every night before bedtime. It’s also kinda handy for unexpected loadshedding, let’s be honest.

africology-spa-candleThank you, Africology Spa, for forcing me to pamper myself. For fixing my tension and helping me relax. I needed it more than I realised! Being that June is Fathers’ Day, Africology Spa has a special offer up their sleeves for dads. You can read all about it here.

Disclaimer: I was not paid any money to write this blog post. The spa treatments were offered in exchange for review space on my blog, which I have provided. My review is honest, and in no way biased by the fact that I did not pay for the experience out of my own pocket.

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  1. Marula Fan says:

    You made just the right choice with the marula oil! Sounds like a lovely time was had at the spa too 🙂

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