Lame? Sure I’m Lame

but I bet you can’t tell me that you dont think this shit is like, totally way fucking cool, man.

I have developed new obsessions. And I find myself on Etsy, searching for all sorts of inspiration for the home decor fixation The Boyfriend and I have decided to cultivate recently. After living together for two years, we’ve finally reached a point where we’ve comfortably begun to nest.

Now that The Kid is a lot more manageable, a lot less time-consuming and a lot more amenable to tagging along on shopping trips, we’ve decided we can face the prospect of home DIY projects and being grown ups, living together and building a home and a life together.

Don’t judge me on my new obessions, okay? I don’t care if they’re lame. They’re a sign that we’re normal. That we’re a couple, and that there’s a future. And if that future involves paint colours and drills and tools and getting high together on paint and glue fumes – then I’m all for it.

So, here. Here’s my latest home-related-DIY-type obsession.

Lightswitch covers. Yeah, you heard right. These things are the fucking business man. Plain, white light-switches that we currently have are killing me, man. I have come to the conclusion that the source of any supposed unhappiness in life is caused by plain, white, boring-ass ol’ standard lightswitches. Feast your peepers on these, and tell me (honestly) if these don’t actually make you feel happier?

1. Listed here.

2. Listed here.

3. Listed here.

Listed here.

Listed here.

Listed here.

Listed here.

Listed here.

Seriously. If that doesn’t show you how entirely random and weird my taste is, I don’t know what will.

PS: How many of these cutesy home-decor posts am I allowed to get away with before you vomit?

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10 Responses to Lame? Sure I’m Lame

  1. Po says:

    Awesome light switches. I want some!

  2. Brent says:

    I always knew you were a bit strange. 🙂 Each to their own though. Have fun.

  3. Angel says:

    Keep ’em coming!!
    I love the lightswitch covers. When Damien was little I had a wooden one on his light switch with animals on it.
    .-= Angel´s last blog ..Yesterday… =-.

  4. danyelle says:

    no judgement here!! i found these hollowed out log slices that some guy painted in bullseye patterns. i’ve determined i NEED them. but etsy’s a great outlet… got my company back up and running there! yay! and btw, those light switch covers are quite easy to make.

  5. ericka says:

    this is what has been missing from my life. light switch covers. i’m seriously kind of pissed that i haven’t looked into this sooner. ack another thing i’ll be stalking on etsy!! that place is so freaking addictive…
    .-= ericka´s last blog ..tag, you’re it. =-.

  6. flarkus says:

    Dude, so Kitsch

  7. Craig says:

    I’m not so sure hitting a switch that has mexican-inspired skulls on it are going to make me feel quite so comfortable in my home! 😛
    .-= Craig´s last blog ..Going for a Drive =-.

  8. Oh I love the idea of them, but I have so many other things that need attention first.

  9. Laura says:

    Redecorating is cool 🙂

    You can plan the rest of the house around the light switch covers :-p

  10. Charms says:

    Uhm, kinda kitch, but colourful non the less.
    .-= Charms´s last blog ..Stofpad langs =-.

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