In Which I Am Totally Overwhelmed

By big hearts. It takes a lot to impress me, a lot to even get me to bat my eyelashes. But you guys did it. I am amazed at how I’ve reached out, and there’s just been open hands and hearts, ready to give.

Like one friend told me in an email, the last few cold days in Jozi have reminded us what it’s like to be cold. And nobody wants anyone else to be cold like that.

In an email to another friend I said ‘we totally all need to help each other more’ and it’s true. I’d never really been directly affected by any sort of total uncontrollable tragedy. I never really empathised either, until I had a Kid of my own. Until I could actually imagine what it would be like if it was MY house that burned down and it was ME who had no clothes or blankets to keep my child dry and warm with.

And this brings me to what I need from you. Yesterday I posted about my housekeeper whose house burned down. The housekeeper who had a baby boy and a teenage son and was sole breadwinner in her household because her husband’s unemployed? Turns out it’s way, way bigger and way, way worse. She has four daughters and one baby boy. She supports herself and six other people on her salary. And whatever else I give her whenever I can, either in the form of food, baby clothes, toys and stuff I don’t use any more.

But now she has nothing. Not even my old stuff. Just one bedroom and a kitchen in her house is left. No clothes. No furniture. No beds. No blankets. No proper shelter or warmth. And winter is coming.

I need to help her before this turns into a real disaster. Right now, this can still be a small-scale crisis. But I need help from you.

I have 26 people and their various friends committed to helping out by giving food, clothes, bedding, couches, a mattress, a rocking chair and one church cell group called and offered me a whole load of clothes. I have offers from people to be drop off points. One friend in Cape Town offered a cash donation. To go towards buying building materials for fixing her house.

And then Jenty told me about something from FNB that allows you to use your cell phone to send money to someone and they can use it to draw money out an ATM. Which is perfect, as she doesn’t have a bank account. She’s old-school.

So I’d like to do that as well. But only if you’re willing. I’m not asking. Merely suggesting. So if you’re open to that suggestion, drop me a comment with your email address and I’ll send you EFT details.

If you can also (pleaseplease) donate any household goods, clothing, bedding, cutlery, pillows, beds, ANYTHING, please let me know. Expensivemistakescheapthrills (at) gmail (dot) com.

If you need a drop off point, I currently have three: one in linbro park, one in pretoria and one in edenvale. Edenvale and PTA open as of now, so choose one that’s closest to you, drop me a comment with your email address and I’ll give you the info on where to go and times/dates.

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5 Responses to In Which I Am Totally Overwhelmed

  1. Dawn says:

    And Linbro Park is 2pm onwards MOST days. Yes, i’z that person.

  2. mommanats says:

    I’ll be drop off point Pretoria. So if you are interested mail me or contact me at 079 505 4904 for my address and so on…..

    Come on guys we need to help out this lady that treats ExMi’s kid with such respect and loves him like her own!!! I mean she is basically family!!!!
    .-= mommanats´s last blog ..Words of Wisdom =-.

  3. sleepyjane says:

    I’ll drop my donation in Edenvale. Your house? Let me know what times and dates are good for you and either me or J will drop a few things off.

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  5. Jenty says:

    That FNB thing is at the ATM. You use your bank card to transfer money to her cell phone number. she then uses her cell phone at the ATM to withdraw the cash.

    I’ll get the stuff to you on Sunday at the photoshoot
    .-= Jenty´s last blog ..Thoughts for the day =-.

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