In Which I Ask For Help

I’ve had a terrible feeling all day. You know, that deep, uneasy feeling in your gut that just WONT go away? Well when my housekeeper called me a bit earlier, in tears, to tell me she wouldn’t be able to come into work on Friday because her house had burnt down, my heart just broke for her. I finally knew what that uneasy feeling was about.

And then I felt even worse, when I started thinking about her family. She has a husband and two boys, one is a teenager and the other is about six months younger than my own boy. I know she’s the only breadwinner in her family. I know she travels three hours a day, by bus to work for me. She’s lovely. She looks after my son when he’s ill, she’s always singing, always cheerful and always so extremely pleasant.

I hate to think of her and her family, with nothing, as winter approaches. Once I’ve finished this blog post I am headed downstairs to have a rummage through my cupboards and in my garage. Off the top of my head I know I have a spare blanket, spare duvet cover and spare pillows. I know I have loads of baby clothes and toys that my Kid doesnt play with, that I can give her.  One of my friends/readers has offered her spare couches. Another friend has offered to spring clean her house and bring over any spare warm blankets and household stuff. Yet another friend has offered old clothes and tinned food.

I am immensely overwhelmed by how helpful and generous my friends are. I absolutely cannot believe it. But then I should have known better. I’ve never known a more supportive, more willing-t0-lend-a-hand bunch of people than my in-the-computer friends.

So I ask you to think of this woman. This woman who cares for me and my family, like they were her own. Have a look in your cupboards and in your garages and in the garden shed. If you have something you no longer need, pleasepleaseplease. Pass it on. Anything will help. ANYTHING. She’s the kind of woman who would never ask for help, which is exactly why I feel the need to help her. And I can’t do it alone.

So I’m asking nicely. Please donate anything you no longer need/have use for. I’m thinking of organising a drop-off point or a central meeting place, so you can offload your unwanted (but desperately needed) goods with me. If you have anything you’d like to part with….please let me know…leave me a comment or email me: expensivemistakescheapthrills (at) gmail (dot) com.

Much love,


Update: please share this in google reader/email/tweets. You never know who it might get to, and how they might be able to help. So if you’re not in jozi, do me a favour and help increase the chances of this post being read by someone who *could* help. That would be awesome, too.

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17 Responses to In Which I Ask For Help

  1. Luca's Mum says:

    Gonna have a dig around and see what spare stuff we have lying around xxx
    .-= Luca’s Mum´s last blog ..Wordless Wednesday =-.

  2. I’m sure I’ve got stuff. I was going to donate a bed mattress to Hannah tomorrow, but you can take it if you like. Let me know, I’ll give her the 2 cot mattresses that I have in the spare room instead.
    .-= Jeanette Verster´s last blog ..116/365 – Pups at play =-.

  3. Zoe says:

    I have lots of winter stuff ill never wear.. ill go hro it and bring it over 🙂

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  5. Wenchy says:

    I am very sure I can contribute. Between all of us we must be able to give this lady hope.

    Count me in… let me know where the stuffs needs to go my friend. x

  6. SimonB says:

    Come on people: Spread the word, save a life RT ReBlog and REdo whatever it takes – #InWhichIAskForHelp

  7. Angel says:

    I’m sure I can help too!
    .-= Angel´s last blog ..It Finally Happened… =-.

  8. SwissTwist says:

    Wish I could be more help if I wasn’t so far away 🙁

    Wonderful thing you’re doing for her hon *hugs*
    .-= SwissTwist´s last blog ..Have your say =-.

  9. Cazpi says:

    Will let people in Jhb know. This is such a tragedy – so sorry that it always happens to the best people!

  10. blackhuff says:

    I will go and have a look tonight and let you know by tomorrow. i am coming through to Kempton’s side on SAT, so if I have something maybe we could meet then.
    .-= blackhuff´s last blog ..Helping me and them grow =-.

  11. sleepyjane says:

    I’ll see if I can get some clothes of J that he doesn’t wear anymore, and some other things. I know I have extra blankets and stuff. Could I drop it off at your place on Sunday morning? Let me know. 🙂
    .-= sleepyjane´s last blog ..Nice to know you =-.

  12. Ashley says:

    That’s really terrible. I’m glad there are so many people willing to help out. Wish I didn’t live so far away.

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  14. MeeA says:

    Will definitely have a look and see what I can get together! & see what

  15. Oh gosh, I did my clean out a few days too early. On Monday gave away three big bags of clothes that could have helped. Gave away two blankets. Damn!

    If I find more things I will certainly contact you.

  16. Nick says:

    I’m sure I’ve got some jerseys etc and a one or two blankets and pillows. Possibly some crockery and cutlery too. Let me know where I can drop off. DM me.
    .-= Nick´s last blog ..NickJackson: RT @yasinansari: RT @shahil: Roadblock on Jan Smuts and William Nicol intersection <- i think this calls for a new hash tag #joziroad … =-.

  17. Bobbi Janay says:

    I wish that I could help but being half way around the world I am unsure how.

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