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I mentioned the other day that I’d received something awesome. I even disclosed a little about it too. Today I’d just like to thank the legend that is Steri Stumpie, for the double-dose of calcium-packed-goodness that pitched up at my office the other day. It made one little boy very, very stoked.

“It’s MY blue milk, mommy. Please don’t take it away from me.” And I really couldn’t. The paving outside my house has a nice blue splash on it – even though I’ve attempted (sort of) to wash it off.

Those nifty little lunchpacks were filled with all sorts of steriphenalia. Including all the get-up needed to create my very own Mr Stumpie Head. (guys, is it okay if mine’s a Mz Stumpie Head?)

Because seriously, that’s one hawt bitch there. Okay, Mz Stumpie Head might only be hot because she’s sitting on my windowsill next to a jar of freshly-cut chillies, and not in the fridge, like she should be.

So what’s this campaign all about? It’s about unification and patriotism. It’s about reminding the people of South Africa that no matter what colour you are – pink, brown, blue or green – we’re all deep-down the same. We’re all South African legends.

It’s about celebrating individuality, whilst remembering that common thread that binds us.

“Steri-lovers can now celebrate the different flavours that make up the Flavournation in the same way we do different races, cultures, languages, political parties, teams and groups in the country. It’s about many different tribes all living together as one, fiercely loyal to their own, yet tolerant of one another and their differences.” ~ From the Sterisite.

And the aim is: for everyone to have the opportunity  to show their love and support for their flavour of choice by sending any Steri-inspired photos, videos or stories to the Steri Stumpie blogsite.  You’ll be rewarded for your efforts and will be showered with radical Steriphernalia, from bumper stickers to specialised Flavournation passports, rosettes, tattoos and T-shirts for each flavour.

Remember how I said I could NOT pry that blue milk from his fingers? Well it wasn’t long before it was splattered all over my floor and curtains, in his excitement. It’s okay, it wiped up pretty easily. And it’s all in the name of creating the perfect flavournation, no?

So this is us, having said our piece. Signing of with a message from The Kid:

“Viva, Bubblegum (aka ‘blue milk’), viva.”

And if you’re looking for a Steri Drop all of your own, I’d recommend heading over to the site, and filling out the form.

Lastly, here’s me, showing my pink:

Okay, I’m not really showing my pink, as such. But I was told by someone I look like an angry strawberry, or something.

Now that’s hot.

So, which flavour are you?

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  2. What a cool campaign!

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