And There Was A Winner!

Do I need to remind you about the KIA competition I blogged about a while ago?You know, the one where the prize was to partake in the Kia Experience  and  join 12 other global bloggers from 26 – 29 June 2010, to stay at the new Rosebank Hotel, attend one 2010 FIFA World Cup ™ game and a day trip test driving the Kia Sportage as well as walk away with EA FIFA 2010 game?

Well they picked a winner. Here he is, the lucky schmuck, Casey Monteiro pictured with Zakumi.

Not as cute as….say….this. But we all can’t be as cute as my Kid, right?

Luckily Casey doesn’t have to worry about this, as he’s getting the chance to blog (and be a part of) some very important history.

Well done, Casey. We hope you have a bloody good time!

And you can still get in on the action. Here’s how:

  • Join the Kia Facebook Fan Page and be part of The Kia Experience which continues through the 2010 FIFA World Cup ™
  • Follow @KiaMotorsSA to see Casey’s updates and to find out about his experience.
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