I’ll Take It Where I Can Get It, Thanks

So last night. On the way home. At the Chinese restaurant at the shopping centre near my house, I opened a R3.80* fortune cookie and it told me: “your heart’s yearnings will come true.

Reassurance. A small sliver of hope. Despite it being just a fortune cookie and therefore totally random and therefore totally unreliable, that cookie did just what it was supposed to do – it served as a little reminder that one day I will have what I want. One day I’ll get what will make my heart happy. And that makes all of it okay.

Hope. I’ll take it where I can get it, thanks.

*Everything in that restaurant seemed to be based on the same pricing system. ie: variations of 3,8. As in R3,80, R38,00 and R38,80. Just one of those things that caught my eye.

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6 Responses to I’ll Take It Where I Can Get It, Thanks

  1. blackhuff says:

    It’s the small things in life, like a fortune cookie, which seems to give one hope for the future. Hoping that fortune comes true for you
    .-= blackhuff´s last blog ..Emotional eating =-.

  2. cath Jenkin says:

    That 3.8 makes an 11. which becomes a 2. betcha if you look around, you’ll find those numbers somewhere else in life.

    (yell at me if you cant figure out how I did that :P) xxx
    .-= cath Jenkin´s last blog ..you know- I’m gonna shit pooh =-.

  3. Angel says:

    I love fortune cookies!
    .-= Angel´s last blog ..Lookit Lookit! =-.

  4. Every bit of hope floats high.
    .-= cat@juggling act´s last blog ..Monday musings =-.

  5. Alet says:

    Some days we just need a couple of small reminders!
    .-= Alet´s last blog ..It is the little things that brings happiness all around! =-.

  6. kyknoord says:

    Don’t be coy. What IS your heart yearning for? A new aorta? A refurbished left ventricle? Don’t leave us hanging?
    .-= kyknoord´s last blog ..Chuck Norris goes on rampage in Cape Town! =-.

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