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Remember a few days ago I blogged about the new credit card for women, from Standard Bank? The MyCard…

I’d like to take a second to tell you a little more about it, if you dont mind, but before I do, here’s a reminder about the competitions:

Let’s celebrate you for being you:

Categories you can enter under:

1. Travel: Your moment is your moment away. Taking time out to be you.
2. Lifestyle:Your moment is all about your unique tastes.
3. Career/Finance: Getting that promotion, starting your own business or investing in your future.
4. Health/Wellness: Loving yourself inside and out with spa treatments, makeovers and fitness.
5. Other: If none of the above categories describe your moment.

How do you enter?

1. Apply for a MyCard credit card (who doesn’t need more credit, right?) and if your application is successful, you could win the booty grand prize of R 50 000!  All it takes is a successful MyCard credit card application and you could win. Fifty grand is a LOT of shoe money!

The MyCard grand prize competition runs from 19 July to 19 November 2010.


2. Enter the weekly Facebook competition to win R500 gift cards when you share your MyCard moment, which will run until 12 November 2010.

To win here, all you need to do is decide how you’d use your cash-back to create a special moment for yourself. Why? Because, as women we tend to put everyone before ourselves. We’re selfless like that. This competition is about embracing the selfishness, celebrating YOU and doing something for yourself. Whether it be going on a shopping spree and splurging on   only recipe books, having a pedicure or going for sundowners on the beach with your mom,  your moment shared could get you winning one of 5 weekly gift cards worth R500! 

The weekly competition cycle runs from 19 July to 12 November 2010.

Get started by joining and liking the Facebook page and enter the competition by sharing your moment here.

Note: as with everything in life – terms and conditions apply. Please be aware of these.


The benefits of MyCard:

Get MyCard from Standard Bank and enjoy your moments – enjoy the freedom to treat yourself wherever you choose. MyCard is tailored with attractive benefits and features such as cash back on any purchase from wherever you choose, comprehensive MyCare benefits and special offers and discounts with Value Choices every month.


MyCard gives you the freedom to shop online securely and free basic travel insurance if you are under 76. Not to mention     up to 55 days of interest free credit, so long as your  account is paid on or before the due date. Please note: cash advance transactions are excluded as these attract interest from day 1.

You also get the following transactions free per month:

  • One cash deposit
  • One ATM provisional statement
  • One over-the-counter provisional statement
  • One balance enquiry at an ATM
  • One balance enquiry over-the counter

More importantly, you’ll have  control over how you want to use your credit card limit, and to make this easier,  the revolving and budget limits are combined into a single account limit.

You get cash back every time you swipe.
How the cash back works:

  • With MyCard you get cash back every time you swipe your credit card, which then accumulates over 6 months and is paid into a separate gift card called MyGift (you receive a minimum of R100 cash back on your MyGift card), so spend wherever and however you like.
  • You receive up to 1.5% cash back on point of sale spend (Based on the total value of point of sale transactions for the 6 months excluding reversals and chargebacks.)

Cash back is calculated from a percentage of your total purchase:

** 0.5% from R1, 000 – R3, 500
** 1% from R3, 500 – R10, 000
**  1.5% for spend of R10, 000 and more

You also receive MyCare benefits which include:

  1. Peace of mind in your time of need: you get free MyCare benefits that pay up to R10 000 in the case of the primary cardholder being diagnosed with a female cancer.
  2. Support for accidental disability: you receive R10 000 cover in the case of the primary cardholder suffering accidental disability.
  3. Support in case of a roadside emergency: you receive assistance during a roadside emergency in the event that your car has a mechanical or electrical breakdown, flat tyre or battery, or in the instance when your vehicle runs out of fuel or you lock your keys in your car.
  4. Assistance in your time of need: whether you require an emergency ambulance, medical or household assistance and counseling. From discounts on doctor consultation fees and medication, to telephonic Helpline that offers advice on medical emergencies and emergency household repairs, all the support you need will come from MyCare We also provide members with psychological counseling on such issues as traumatic experiences, bereavement and HIV and Aids.

You have free access to the following services by calling just one number: 0860 296 463.

Their Customer Assist provides the following benefits 24 hours a day, 365 days a year:

  • Doctor Network provides access to a list of doctors countrywide who give policyholders a 20% discount on doctors’ consultation fees and any medical procedures performed in the doctors’ consultation room. A 20% discount will apply on the consultation fee on a package deal – where basic medicine is dispensed by the doctor as part of the treatment and the cost is covered in the consultation fee.
  • Emergency ambulance in the event of a medical emergency such as heart attack or motor vehicle accident, etc. The insured will be transported to a medical facility anywhere in SA for free. In addition should the insured person be unable to produce a medical aid card or pay for admission, a payment up to R5000 is guaranteed to ensure hospital admission until they are able to reimburse the service provider or claim from their medical aid.
  • Trauma counseling for bereaved families provides psychological counseling on death of next of kin up to R5 000 per insured.
  • Trauma Assist provides counseling for any traumatic experience up to R5 000 for any traumatic experience such as rape; hijack; child abuse; suicide; domestic violence and fire. Where necessary an ambulance will be dispatched.
  • Medical treatment – A maximum of R5 000 for the medical treatment of any bodily injury resulting from assault.
  • Medical Assist – Qualified medical personnel provide emergency advice on the following: Medical conditions; information on poisoning; stress management; advice on prescribed drugs and the assessment on day-to-day medical symptoms.
  • Telephonic counselling on any chronic disease such as HIV, Aids, Cancer, Diabetes, etc.
  • Home Assist – A 24-hour service helpline offering assistance with emergency household repairs such as electricity, hot water or sanitation. Service providers will be dispatched in the event of electrical and plumbing problems. In addition, a service provider will be sent in the case of an essential appliance needing repairs such as a fridge, freezer, washing machine, stove or oven. The cost of the repairs is for the account of the cardholder.
  • Roadside Assistance – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year: For any roadside assistance or emergency, just call the helpline and we will get you some assistance. No limits will be applicable pertaining to the number of incidents per annum:
  • Mechanical and Electrical Breakdown Assistance – The vehicle will be towed to the nearest place of repair and/or safekeeping. Towing cost will be the responsibility of the cardholder.
  • Jump-start Service – A service provider is dispatched to jump-start the vehicle. The member will be responsible for the cost. New models that are still under warranty should not by jump started, a tow truck will be dispatched and the towing cost will be the responsibility of the cardholder.
  • Tyre Change Service – A service provider is dispatched to change a flat tyre, at both roadside and non-roadside locations. The cardholder will be responsible for the cost.
  • Running Out of Fuel Service – 10 Litres of fuel is supplied in the event of the vehicle running out of fuel. The call-out fee and expense of the fuel is covered by you.
  • Keys Locked in the Vehicle – A service provider is dispatched to unlock the car, the cost will be the responsibility of the cardholder.
    Cost incurred as result of assistance after involvement in an accident, collision, attempted theft, or hi-jacking will be for the cardholder’s account. These costs may be covered by the cardholder’s insurance company.

Handyman services – Free access to the help-line during working hours Monday to Friday, 8h00-16h30. Are you looking for help around the house? We’ll help you find the right “guy” for the job.
Examples of services offered: Fit LCD/Plasma TV bracket; shower/bath screens; shelves; blinds and curtain poles; stair gates; hinges and handles; childproof products. Assemble flat pack furniture and move heavy furniture. Connect music systems or DVD players to TV’s. Fix plain, bent and swollen doors; Hang pictures/ paintings/ mirrors/ curtains or do boxed-in pipe work.  All expenses will need to be covered by you.

(For more information contact us on 0860 296 463 or email us mycard@standardbank.co.za)

Rates and Fees:

There is a R180 annual card fee for the MyCard credit card, and a further R120 loyalty fee. Interest rates applicable for MyCard are aligned with that of the Standard Bank Gold credit card. Usury customers (i.e. customers with accounts opened before 1st June 2007) with balances greater than R10, 000 pay a 15.5% interest rate, and balances less than R10, 000 pay a 18.5% rate. NCA customers (i.e. customers that opened their accounts after 1st June 2007) pay between 18.5% and 19.5%. These rates are based on prime and are subject to change, if and when prime does.

How to apply

Application criteria:
You qualify for a MyCard if you earn a minimum monthly income of R8, 000; are 18 years and older and a South African citizen or permanent resident.

What documents do we need from you?
•    Your valid South African identification document.
•    Proof of latest income.
•    Proof of residence such as your latest electricity or telephone account. Should this not be in your name, please attach a letter of confirmation from the account holder.
•    Your last three months bank statements of the account into which your salary is paid. The statements will have to be clear unpaid (bills, cheques, debit order and stop orders dishonoured by the branch) and will need to be stamped by your bank.

Contact us

•    Customer call centre 0860 296 463
•    MyCard credit card enquiries email mycard@standardbank.co.za

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