I Don’t Know Where To Start, So I Guess I’ll Just Get Going

The last month has been ridiculous.

Longer, even. I’d say the last six weeks have just been one long blur. Between getting sick, having a sick Kid, having a (still) sick Boyfriend and working 0n a handful of different things simultaneously and all at once, and between that and trying to be an okay-ish mom and getting everything done and in on time and personal hygiene and breathing, there’s been time for nothing else.

I can’t remember when last I actually read a book for longer than half an hour without falling asleep. Okay, I lie. I can’t remember the last time I read a book for ten minutes, before falling asleep. There never seems to be enough sleep in the world for me to exist on.

It doesn’t seem like The Boyfriend is getting the sleep he needs either, he’s always tired, too. So we’re both feeling zombified and crotchety, and what with all the sick that’s busy going on in our house – everyone is cranky to the eyeballs enough as it is.

Throw some PMS into the mix (fuck, is it that time again, already?)  and you might have a little indication of how I’m feeling and what The Boyfriend is having to deal with. Troll bitch from hell, doesn’t even begin to cover it. Another colossal pain in my ass is the fact that The Boyfriend is now a reformed (fake) ex-smoker.  Claiming that he’s been sick for three months, and that he hasn’t had a cigarette for three months (the smoke he bummed off me two hours ago totally doesn’t count) he’s now on my case to give up smoking. Can I get an eyeroll, please?

The arguing over everything else in the world has been epic to say the least. However,  we seem to have called a cease-fire of sorts, and we’re busy being a self-conscious work-together-as-a-team parenting partnership and we’re laughing and it feels a bit more relaxed. Maybe it’s a good thing that there’s no more energy left to fight?

The whole thing, the whole point that’s so easy to miss when you start to become disgruntled, is that you’re on the same side. You, and him. Him and you, on the same team. And…that…obviously, if you’re on the same side, you’re not supposed to fight. Duh.

Or something.

My brain hurts and I’m tired.


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6 Responses to I Don’t Know Where To Start, So I Guess I’ll Just Get Going

  1. betenoir says:

    sometimes loving someone makes it easier to fight with them: you know they’re still going to be there when the dust settles. But then it can get to be a habit.

    Or something like that.

  2. Ankia says:

    Here’s a totally ‘undeep’ comment for you – we were all also sick for weeks so we started to take a mild antihistamine (Loratadine) chronically, which fixed it! There’s some killer pollen and dust right now… Worth a shot right?

  3. Alet says:

    I can completely related to how you are feeling at the moment!
    Except my boyfriend hasn’t been sick!

    Good luck with the non-smoker 🙂
    .-= Alet ´s last blog ..Expectation- =-.

  4. daisy says:

    As long as there are no underlying issues not being addressed that could be the root of the unusual grumpiness… I think you ought to give yourself a bit of a break!! 🙂 You have a lot on your plate! And as long as you are introspective and aware of your mood changes – you’re one step ahead of the rest 🙂
    .-= daisy´s last blog ..I am more =-.

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  6. Angel says:

    So are you all better now? Is the ceasefire still on?
    .-= Angel´s last blog ..Something To Think About =-.

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