Review: @PicknPay Real Baby Products

You might recall a while back I mentioned that I’d received a Pick n Pay Real Baby Hamper stuffed with babycare products to review.

I’ve finally pulled myself together enough to write that review, now that we’ve had a chance to try everything out properly.

Starting with the disposable nappies – I have to say that I’m beyond impressed with Pick n Pay’s offering in this regard. I mentioned previously that I’d been very disappointed in the quality of their housebrand nappies. I’m now totally impressed with the Real Baby disposable nappies and have, in fact, made the switch from using Pampers, to using the PnP housebrand nappies regularly, and will continue to use them until The Kid is fully potty-trained.

These disposable nappies seem to be a comfortable fit – they’re elasticated, and the adhesive-stickers actually work, and aren’t as prone to tearing as the Pampers’ Active Baby nappies seem to be. In terms of dryness and absorption, I was used to having to change The Kid’s nappy as soon as he awoke in the morning, as his nappy was so full that it was starting to sag and occasionally even burst, leaking those gel pellets everywhere. The Real Baby disposables seem to be much more absorbent, and it’s still fairly dry first thing in the morning, which means they’ll last the hour or two before I have to dress him for school.  I’ve never had a single one of them leak, either. Before we were on to using underpants only during the day, we used two packs of Real Baby nappies, as opposed to having to buy a pack of Pampers’ nappies just about every week. And with a significantly lower price tag than both Pampers and Huggies, buying Real Baby nappies is actually a win.

They’re sized from newborn (size 1) through to toddlers (size 5) and there are pull-up nappy-pants available too, although I’ve yet to try these, as we progressed from wanting only a nappy, to being okay with wearing underpants during the day instead.

The Baby Wipes are also regularly on my shopping list. In fact, I keep a pack in my car and a pack at home, and one in The Kid’s school bag. Unlike most wet wipes, these are actually wet (most are, believe it or not dry. not that cool when you actually need to wipe a bottom, let me tell you.) and they’re easily dispensed out of the bag – individually – which is convenient for one-handed packet operation. They’re also fresh smelling and they’re good for sticky faces and hands and they’re also good for wiping down your dirty laptop and grubby mouse and keyboard. In other words – these wipes are handy and come highly recommended. They’re also, as I mentioned in my previous post – excellent bang for your buck.

As for the bath/skin care products – the Real Baby Tear-Free Shampoo did an excellent job of washing my Kid’s mop of unruly blonde hair.  It’s pleasantly-fragranced, without being overwhelming – a clean, fresh smell is always a good thing, especially with little boys that like to play in the sandpit and muddy puddles. It doubles as excellent bubble bath, and the flip-top container is easy to use, both for me and The Kid, which is great because I’m trying to teach him how to wash himself – so that bath times don’t have to be so hands-on anymore. The Soap Bar got used more as a novelty – we prefer liquid soap, but The Kid did have fun washing himself with it and chasing it around the bath tub as it slipped out of his grasp. Also smells clean and fresh, like the other products.

The Baby Lotion smells the same as the shampoo – and it’s easily absorbed into the skin without leaving an oily or sticky residue on my hands – which is good.  For those times that added moisture is needed – the Aqueous Cream does an excellent job of softening my Kid’s skin and keeping him baby-soft, even though he’s no longer a baby. Unscented aqueous cream is not something I’d ususally buy, but it was there, so I used it. I’m not really a fan of Petroleum Jelly, but I used it occasionally, in conjuction with the Nappy Cream, when The Kid was complaining of a red bum, whilst on a course of antibiotics.

The Nappy Cream is something else I’m definitely a fan of. The texture reminds me a lot of sunscreen – it’s slightly runny and it’s not as sticky as…say, Fissan, which if you’ve ever tried, you’ll know is damned near impossible to wipe off your hands after you’ve applied it to baby’s backside. The Real Baby Nappy Cream is easily absorbed by the skin as well and it helped clear up a red, sore bottom really quickly. I’m also a fan of the flip-top squeeze tube – as it means I don’t have to muck about with trying to screw a lid back on the jar, with one hand holding my Kid back from grabbing the cream from me, and the other trying not to get the sticky bum cream mess all over myself and the carpet. The PnP Real Baby Nappy Cream is definitely something I will buy more of, when the need arises.

The Baby Oil is (as are most of the products) scented with chamomile extract. It’s useful to add to warm bath water, when Kid’s skin is particularly dry, and he comes out of the bath all soft and slippery.

I’m not a fan/user of Baby Powder – I find it messy and unnecessary and we’ve not used it more than twice since The Kid’s been born, so I don’t really have an opinion on this product, except to say that it has the same chamomile-extract scent as the rest of the products in this line.

Petroleum Jelly is not something I’ve ever used on The Kid – I have no idea what it’s actually used for with babies/toddlers, but I have used it on myself. Ahem. I use it when I’m dyeing my hair/tinting my eyebrows, and it prevents any dye from staining the skin around my eyebrows and on my forehead. As far as I’m concerned, this petroleum jelly is identical to all other competitive products with nothing unique to offer, except perhaps, in certain cases, a lower price tag.

The Safety Buds, while useful, are a little bit dangerous if you’re using them on yourself and you’re accident prone like me – stick them in too far, and you’re prone to getting poked in the ear by the stick holding the cotton bud in place, as it collapses under the slightest pressure. A tighter wad of cotton on the tips of these safety buds is what’s needed to prevent you gouging your brains out. Have been using them instead, to swab Hygiene Liquid on any scrapes that The Kid seems to gather on a daily basis.

I also put a little Hygiene Liquid in The Kid’s bathwater if he was playing in the mud/sandpit/dogpoop and happened to get particularly grubby. The only issue I have with the Hygiene Liquid is more of a personal preference, really. The smell is a bit strong, which is the reason I normally buy the green Dettol – as it doesn’t really smell like Dettol, you know? Others may like the smell, but not me.

The Cotton Puffs and Cotton Wool Pleats also come in handy for first aid situations – these are particularly good because when using them to swab a cut/scrape, little bits of stray cotton don’t get caught in coagulating blood making it a nightmare (and a pain) to clean up, while not hurting your screaming child any more than necessary. They’re also useful for nail varnish removal/make up removal. Would I buy them again? More than likely.

Long story short: Items that will regularly be on my shopping list – the disposable nappies (I’ve already bought two packs since last month, one of which I’m still using) and I’m already a fan of the wipes. The Nappy Cream is also something I’d highly, highly recommend. As for all of the other products, I suggest you try them out for yourself, because chances are that your baby’s skincare routine and needs are different to mine – and you might be pleasantly surprised!

Disclaimer: All of the above is my own personal, honest opinion. Yes, I did get all of these products as a freebie, and yes I was asked to do a review of them, but I wasn’t asked to say nice things or to lie. Rest assured, these are my actual opinions.

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5 Responses to Review: @PicknPay Real Baby Products

  1. MeeA says:

    I was so jealous when I first read about all these other mommies receiving these Real Baby packs to review!
    Based on the general opinions I’ve encountered in these reviews, I bought Real Baby nappies for both my little ones last month and was suitably impressed.
    My only complaint is that they are not stocked at either of my two nearest Pick n Pay branches (Sanridge & Midway Mews), which means that I have been forced to go back to buying Pampers.
    I haven’t tried the other products yet, but if they’re anywhere near as good as the nappies, I would be more than happy to switch to Real Baby branded products…
    .-= MeeA´s last blog ..What Women Want =-.

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  3. These are essential items in any household with small children, and with so many options on the market it is always nice to know where to wisely spend your money, so thank you for your honest opinion. 🙂

  4. Jenny Warwick says:

    Well done PicknPay for creating a truely fabulous, affordable and extremely reliable disposable nappies. Thanks so much from an extremely happy baby William

  5. Belinda Kersten says:

    Thanks for doing this review, I hope the same products are still available at Pick n Pays now, as they were 2 years ago. I’m pregnant with my 2nd child (my first born is 15!) And had no clue where to begin, now that there are so many options out there! But looks like the nappies, bum cream and wipes will definitely be on my list!

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