Bigger, Better – It’s Good, Right?

This might be news to some (ie: those that don’t follow me on Twitter.*) that we’ve got our hearts set on a certain house. No, not this birdhouse, but another house.

We’ve been living in the same house (the house that my fiance’s parents bought us) since the week before the Kid was born in November 2007. It really has been an awesome starter home – we couldn’t have asked for anything more suited to having a baby in the house. Two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a big loft upstairs and a lounge and a kitchen with a double garage and a garden around the house. In a secure complex. Close to shops and quiet.

Now that The Kid is a LOT bigger and our needs as a family have changed, we’ve been looking at other houses. We don’t want to move too far out of the area we already live in, but we need more space. More cupboard space, more garden space – more space to breathe and run around. There’s loads of space in these loft-houses, but it’s all stupidly laid out, and a lot of it is not really usable. Take the balcony, for instance. In summer it’s far too hot to stay out there for long, and in winter it’s too cold. Wasted space, indeed.

We’ve been looking for about two years now – and we’ve seen a lot of bullshit houses. Bullshit houses that people want bullshit money for. Insane prices for small houses.

Until this one. It has a large garden, with space in the back and the front. There’s a cottage at the back – bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and lounge. FOUR garages. Three bedrooms, three bathrooms, a lounge  – WITH BAY WINDOWS – a beautiful rosewood kitchen with TWO OVENS and a gas stove. An entertainment/braai area out the back. A koi pond. (Seriously, a koi pond. No swimming pool, but a koi pond.) Parquet floors. A WALK-IN BLOODY CLOSET.  And this. In the main bedroom. My potential reading nook. I plan to fill this wall with overflowing bookshelves.

Did I mention the walk-in closet? Yup. The house we’re in now has a grand-total of four cupboards in the whole house. Excluding kitchen cupboards. I’m excited about space.

There’ll be space for me to plant a massive herb garden. There’s already a succulent garden that’s looking to be bordering on magnificent. There’ll be space for me to try out growing a veggie garden if I wanted. There’d be space for The Kid to run around, without worrying about knocking anything over, or disappearing down the road and getting lost in the complex. There’ll be space for Dude to run and bark his face off, as much as he likes.

So we’ve put in an offer on this house. And now we’re waiting. Waiting. And waiting.

It’s killing me. It’s taken us SO long to find something we both like, something we both agree on. We NEED this house.

So please, hold thumbs, cross your legs, do whatever it is you need to do – we need all the positive vibes we can get here!

*ahem. Why are you NOT following me on Twitter?

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10 Responses to Bigger, Better – It’s Good, Right?

  1. Nafisa says:

    Congrats! 🙂 So much of excitement to follow… and decorating! A chaise would be perfect for your reading nook!

  2. Gina says:

    Yay! So excited for you!!!!

  3. blackhuff says:

    I hope you all get some good news soon. Holding thumbs

  4. Johanni says:

    My thumbs are being held x

  5. Angel says:

    I am just squealing with excitement on your behalf!!!

  6. Very very exciting!! Hope the offer is accepted

  7. Louisa says:

    Sounds great – I hope you get it. Will keep important bits crossed.

  8. Bonita says:

    ooooh wow! ..that sounds aWesoMe! ..where is it, I want to steal it! ;P ..can they relocate the entire property to Centurion..? 😉

  9. Great news! We are still searching. Holding thumbs

  10. Wenchy says:

    It feels like forever since I hugged you, chatted and laughed.
    Wenchy´s last blog post ..Never doubt how I feel about you. [34 |150]

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