Online Thrift Swap – Round One

After scratching through my closet, this is what I came out with for the Online Thrift Swap. I’ll get into the details of my listing in a minute – I’d like to explain how the online swap will work.

Once a month, we all get together (on our blogs, of course) and we each do a post containing items that we have that we’d be willing to swap (pictures/sizes/measurements and honest descriptions of condition/age/retail price), and maybe a list of things we’re looking to swap those items for.

I’d do a post putting the links all in one place, making it easier for people to browse from a central point and people interested in swapping your goods for theirs, can simply leave you a comment on your post, and then get in touch with you to arrange the swap. The swap can happen either in person, or via the postal service, if you’re not in the same city…Just think about it – you could be clearing out space for new additions to your wardrobe and  every month you could be getting new, exciting, previously-loved (or brand-new) handbags/jackets/blouses/dresses/accessories etc etc.

  • Anyone in SA is welcome to join in –  if you have things you’d like to swap out for newer, shinier, radder things; you can either list your items in a post on your blog, or in a Facebook note and message me the link.
  • Items listed must, ideally, be swapped for items someone else has listed, but you’re also welcome to make cash offers on anything you see that you like.
  • The new owner of items listed is at the lister’s own discretion – in the event of a dispute, parties will rock, paper, scissors, lizard, Spock for the item.

Ok. So. Onto my items.

1. A mustard-yellow V-neck tunic/dress from TWO clothing. Three-quarter sleeves, dress ends mid-thigh. I bought it on sale about a year ago – paid about R180 for it, but never got ’round to wearing it. Size: L
Looking to swap this item for: something similar, a tunic-dress, a shift-dress or cardigans. I love cardigans.

2. Turquoise-blue slip-on flats. Swing tag still attached. Bought these for 49.99 from JayJays, and never got a chance to take them out of the shopping bag and wear them. Size: 5. How cute is the pattern on the sole?
Looking to swap these blue babies for: any accessories. Perhaps a scarf. I can’t get enough of scarves these days, and you can never have too many with this weather!

3. Black-and-white print tank-top/dress-whatsit: Unworn. Swing tag still attached. Rad creepy-faces/skulls pattern. Bought this about a year ago, online – so obviously couldn’t try it on. It was a bit too tight around my *ahem* chest area, so I’ve never worn it. Size: Small.
Looking to swap this item for: other shirts/tops.

4. Black wannabe(pseudo)snakeskin-looking, seriously-high, seriously-pointy toed stilettoes. With lots of bling. Bought these before I fell pregnant and never got a chance to wear them – lost my enthusiasm for heels after The Kid. Paid about R380 for these. Only worn round the house, and only by my Kid, really. 😉 Size: 6
Looking to swap these for: anything. Make me an offer.

5. White (with black polka dots) boob-tube top, sweetheart neckline, big, gorgeous black bow on the bust. Made from seriously the softest, thickest cotton I’ve ever felt. I bought this from Sowearto in Melville for R250. Never been worn. Swing tag still attached.
Looking to swap this for: other tops/blouses/etc.

6. Pink-and-black halterneck (super)low V-neck dress, with a short ruffled skirt. Black edging is very sparkly. Low-cut and revealing at the back as well.  Bought this for about R480 if I remember correctly. Size: Small. This dress is still in pristine condition, I just no longer feel right wearing it – it’s not very mommy-appropriate, is it?
Looking to swap this for: make me an offer.

Ok, so that’s it from me, I’ll be adding all the other Swappers’ post links below, so keep checking back!

  1. Hello Tanya.
  2. Lola By The Sea.
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13 Responses to Online Thrift Swap – Round One

  1. Nadia says:

    I want the yellow dress/tunic thing!!!! But I don’t have anything to swap with you! haha It’s gorgeous!!

  2. lauren says:

    I’m hoping to get some stuff up later today. If there are no takers, I love the boobtube! 🙂 is it long in length on the body or short-ish?
    I love this whole idea 🙂

  3. ExMi says:

    hey lauren – it’s fairly long, and ends comfortably on the hips, and it’s also gathered at the bottom, so it’s quite flattering. 🙂

  4. ExMi says:

    i’m sure you have something!

  5. Dawn says:

    Duuuuuuude. The high heel shoes are my size. Pity i don’t have much practice wearing liewe heksie shoes. I have a funny sparkly purple cowl neck jersey (that’s best worn with a waist belt) on offer if nobody else takes em 😉 The other stuff seems to have potential owners already.

  6. Charms says:

    Ooooo I LOVE the black & white one – have to have it if you haven’t had any takers. I still owe you a link and will try to get it up tomorrow.

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  8. Mel says:

    Ha! Lots of gems here but I arrived too late! I would love to join in. Am outta town for the long weekend but keen to do a post when I get back and link in wherever I need to? Will check back here next week. Awesome idea!

  9. Angel says:

    I love the sexy pink halter… Okay. I apologise for my falling off the bus but I’ll definitely be in on the next one!

  10. Lorien says:

    Hey Tam. I’m going to list some more stuff that I have. Some of it is vintage and not in perfect condition but I am not one who cares about a little bad stitch job or a scuff if I’m swapping things…. so more to come! Yay. x

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  12. Mel says:

    I am in line for the mustard dress and the polka dot top if you still looking for homes….you can check out my post or i can make you an offer. 🙂

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