On Being Mother to a Boy: It Involves Trips to the ER for Strange Things

As parents, we all dread that call from the school, during the day. That call that interrupts us and tells us to drop what we’re doing and rush down to the school, there’s been an emergency.

That was my morning. I was halfway (15 minutes into, and actually quite surprised I was finding it interesting) through watching a video of a meeting of a panel called “The Future Across Generations” from the 2012 World Economic Forum. (As part of research for a profile piece I’m writing for Brainstorm Magazine) when my phone rang, and it was the principal of The Kid’s school. Sigh. Promising to be right over, I dropped everything and dragged my Kid off to the emergency room.

What for? This.

Yup. That little black speck is a stone. Removed from my son’s right ear. Why he decided it was a good idea to stow it there, I have no idea. Kids are funny creatures. So it was a quick, painless procedure – it was syringed out with warm water, and he received a lollipop at the end of all of it, so he’s completely ok.

And I’m completely relieved. It’s pretty much one of my biggest fears that my Kid will do something or hurt himself somehow, and require surgery. Having had more operations than I care to count, it’s not something I want for my child.

He’s now napping and I have the next hour or so to get some work done. I just wanted to say before I did – that boys are very strange. Why stick something in your ear? I just don’t get it.But… I guess it makes life interesting.

Have your kids ever done something similar? Or….heaven forbid….did you do things like this as a kid?

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11 Responses to On Being Mother to a Boy: It Involves Trips to the ER for Strange Things

  1. Vanessa says:

    When my brother was still a little boy, he often stuck things where they didn’t belong and did all sorts of funny boy-ish things, and the nurses at ER got to know him so well that if he didn’t visit for a week, they would phone my parents to see if he was still ok. No jokes.
    One of his more famous incidents was getting the little rubber wheels off a toy car (back in the days when the tyres were still a seperate part) lodged so deep up his nose that he had to be rushed to ER and have it surgically removed.
    Boys 🙂
    Vanessa´s last blog post ..68 of 366

  2. Gina says:

    Oh no!
    Kids (boys) are strange creatures indeed.
    My youngest brother, at about 7 years of age, stuck the hosepipe in his ear and turned it on, full blast! He burst his eardrum of course…
    Why did he do such a thing?
    ‘Cause he wanted to hear what the water sounded like, that’s why!
    Strange strange creatures…
    Gina´s last blog post ..Card Security Week 2012

  3. 6000 says:

    One peanut up the nose at Granny’s house. Removed by Granny, in a flat spin with panic over potential effect on kid’s health and potential reaction of dad. Kid made to promise never to tell dad. Kid tells dad within 5 seconds of walking in door. Dad praises kids’ honesty, gives Granny stern look.
    No further issues with nuts in nostrils to report. Yet.
    6000´s last blog post ..The Parenting Bunny On Tour

  4. Super Sarah says:

    My cousin stuck a pea in his ear and my aunty didn’t realize until a few days later he started to smell funny. Yuck! He was really lucky not to have to have surgery either. The same cousin stuck a bead up his nose a few months later, boys will be boys!
    Super Sarah´s last blog post ..Milestones of a different nature – goodbye nummies.

  5. acidicice says:

    I’ve gotten this call. It sucked. I have also resigned myself to the fact that boys will be boys though. They’re rough and tough and we’ll just have to be tough with them.
    acidicice´s last blog post ..Stuff

  6. blackhuff says:

    This precise thing, I did as kid too and that on a Sunday afternoon when there was no doctors open. Those days where you needed to call the doctor on his home telephone and interrupt his Sunday afternoon nap.
    Glad your son is okay.
    blackhuff´s last blog post ..We can’t complain

  7. MeeA says:

    LOL! I had to take Michael to the doctor to have a little black piece of plastic removed from his ear last year. (Bear in mind, Michael is *eight* years old, not four!)
    Glad your kid is fine. 🙂
    MeeA´s last blog post ..That Thing About the Road to Hell….

  8. Sam says:

    Glad he’s ok and it wasn’t something more serious… and if this is what I have to look forward to then best I dig out my big girl panties cos boys are strange little creatures for sure!

    Sam´s last blog post ..Chop of the Day…

  9. Vee says:

    Yes, I have had this call before. And both times I could not leave work so his daddy had to deal with it – once the chin was cut open(lots of blood!) and once a fractured wrist. Daddy handled himself quite well! The latest was my toddler who fell and cut open his lip while in his daddy’s care. I got the call to hurry home (was already on my way) and we had to take him to ER for 5 stitches! But this time I had to do the ER stint while daddy took big brother home.
    Vee´s last blog post ..Wow, time does fly!!

  10. Bernadine says:

    When my daughter was about 23 months old she stuck a stone up her nose. Got a call from the school and had to send her dad, who was working from home, to take her to the Medi Cross. Doctor removed the stone and put it into a specimen jar, dated it and labelled ‘EMMA’S FIRST NOSE STONE’. I still have it and will put it on display at her 21st birthday party. I still look at the stone and wonder…How the hell did she get that thing IN her nose if the first place.

  11. Angel says:

    My knucklehead and I had many trips to the ER for stitches and x-rays but he never stuck anything in his ears or nose… I’m glad someone saw your boy do it so you could get it sorted before it became a problem!
    Angel´s last blog post ..BLOGTHINGS!!!

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