On Taking to It Like a Duck to Water: My Kid’s Top 5 iPhone/iPod Games

My Kid has taken over my iPod. When his PSP is charging or he’s tired of it, he picks up my iPod and gets wrapped up in the touching, swiping, jumping and shooting excitement of it all. He’s only needed to be shown a few things in certain games – most of them he’s figured out completely on his own. Am constantly amazed at how quickly small ones take to touch technology. As Nicki pointed out, our kids are totally the iGeneration.

He’s four and totally loving on these games, so I thought I’d share. Bear in mind though, that these are purely for entertainment – for those times that you just need 15 minutes quiet/or you just want him to sit still (like the doctor’s waiting room etc).

5. Rocket Chicken:

A chicken that flies, without wings. All you have to do is boot it up the backside (my Kid finds this hilarious) to get it going. The point of the game? Help the chicken escape the factory. All you have to do is collect corn, use the hills to jump and jump on the bombs to fly faster and further. Ultimately, it’s a race against getting roasted by a flamethrower.

Pros: Extremely entertaining and very easy to play. 14 different themes and unlimited worlds. Price: $0.99c (it was free when I downloaded it)

4.  Mouse Maze:

The only reason why I think my Kid enjoys it is because it’s pretty much a PacMan-like game. And what’s not to love about a game that’s based on Pacman? All you have to do is help the mouse eat the cheese and  avoid the cats. Drink magic potion to knock the cats unconscious. Earn stars to unlock more stages.

Also dead-simple to play. Touch the screen and the mouse will follow your finger.

3. Jetpack JoyRide:

(my Kid just saw the game icon while I was writing this post and just exclaimed “that game’s awesome mommy, I have it on my iPod!)

Basically, you’re playing as this dude on the left – Barry Steakfries – and you’ve got a stolen machine gun jet pack which you have to use to hover under and over lasers and missiles without getting electrocuted to death. The aim? Escape the evil scientist’s lair. My Kid has yet to escape, but he’s having a thrilling time firing and dodging missiles.
Controls are simple and it’s easy to work –  tapping or holding the touch screen fires the guns, lifts the small dude into the air; releasing the screen  then obviously makes him drop. There’s not much more to it than that.

Pros: Super-incredibly easy to play and incredibly addictive. Cons: Super-annoying soundtrack.

2. Monster Mayhem:

A total hack and slash game. Stop the zombie onslaught before it breaks down the graveyard gate you’re guarding.

As for weapons, you start out with a knife and have to hack the zombies apart, but as you progress, you get the option to upgrade your weapons or get more ammo (another opportunity to buy upgrades and spend money, too).

The monsters are also varied in strength, speed and ferocity. Each time a new one appears, it’s added to your Monster Handbook, which gives you spec sheets on all your enemies.

Pros: quite a challenging game, loads of cool monsters that have loads of character. Cons: Wrist can get a bit sore with all the hacking and slashing you have to do with the knife.

1. Fairy Fail:

An Angry-Birds-vibed game.  Free the kind brown bears from their cages, by shooting bats at them to break the cage – they’ll float to safety on balloons. Avoid the red bears, which are essentially dynamite – the minute they touch a kind brown bear – there’s a huge explosion of stuffing.

Black bears are kamikaze bears and will explode everything they touch, and can be used to kill the red bears. There’s also a bear-eating spider on some levels to help you out. Loads of challenging formations and levels. Once you’re finished the bears, it goes onto lightning bugs.

Pros: as an adult, I find this game easier to play than Angry Birds. Cons: it took a bit of explaining – the difference between the bears and what they do and how to use the spider, but once my Kid got the hang of it, he loved it!

What apps/games are your kids addicted to? Got any suggestions for more games my Kid might like? Add some to my list, please!

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2 Responses to On Taking to It Like a Duck to Water: My Kid’s Top 5 iPhone/iPod Games

  1. blackhuff says:

    We definitely have children which are the T-generation (technology generation). i-generation as well. My children also love their Android touch screen phones with games and Whatsapp.
    blackhuff´s last blog post ..I need a whole new wardrobe

  2. Angel says:

    Definitely the iGeneration…
    Angel´s last blog post ..BLOGTHINGS!!!

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