On Quandaries And Having To Choose Between Houses

Seriously. When I found out that this house that we really really really wanted had been sold, I cried buckets. I was probably more heartbroken than I would have been if someone had died (touch wood). I’ve written numerous times about how disheartening house-hunting had become. Until last night.

We found a house. It is in the area that we want to be in. It’s a freakin’ huge piece of land. Sure, the house on the land is tiny and there’s no pool and the garden is a veritable jungle disaster, but it’s do-able. It’s makeover-able. And we could probably get it for 300K less than the asking price.

We could make it ours. We totally could. Despite the fact that it needs a facelift, severe garden service and a pool, we could do it.


We could go with the house that we originally wanted, that is no longer sold. Yup – the first (and ONLY) house that we’ve agreed on, is for sale again. The house that’s Cape Dutch style, pressed ceilings, stained glass windows, fireplace, scullery, pantry, Victorian bath  – the house that basically ticks all the boxes. The only catch with this is that it’s about 400K more than the house above. The land is also smaller and there are only 2 bedrooms. The other house has 3. They’re both in the same area. Two streets apart.



Eeeny meeny miny mo, anyone?

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5 Responses to On Quandaries And Having To Choose Between Houses

  1. Michael says:

    Good luck with your choices – my only warning – find out exactly why the previous sale fell through. It is sometimes a warning sign of either issues with the property (financially) or issues with the sellers (also usually financial in nature)

    In the first case the ‘hidden’ costs end up hurting you later, in the later you may loose the house again if your sale falls through because the seller wants/needs more cash (in the interim the other property gets sold)

    Both look great.

  2. Angel says:

    Oy vey… List the pros and cons of both and see which one comes out on top! The two are certainly very different…
    Angel´s last blog post ..A Day Out With @FordSouthAfrica For #pregDSFL

  3. Jeanette says:

    2 bedrooms? Hope there’s enough land to extend cos you’ll be wanting another room.
    Exciting stuff though 🙂
    Jeanette´s last blog post ..Wordless Wednesday – Left and Right 93/365

  4. blackhuff says:

    Oh no! I’m sure that you two will be able to make the right decision for you and your family. A quick note: Can the house with 2 bedrooms, be expanded. In other words, can you built another room to the house if needed. That should make you think. Good luck.
    blackhuff´s last blog post ..Muffins & pies

  5. Flarkus says:

    Dude, 300K could revamp the house and garden on the top place to your taste! Your kid will thank you for the huge play area and a pool is a massive waste of water and effort IMO. I’d get the cheapie (!) and make it purty

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