On Beary Puns About The Weekend

We had a beary, beary good weekend. Ha. All puns aside, if that picture of a baby bear doesn’t make you feel even the tiniest bit broody, you’re dead inside. Thanks to Stef, who gifted me this furry onesie for my baby shower.

Friday night was a quiet, Kid-less night in. Not baby-less, just Kid-less. Fireplace. Blankets. Crap TV and falling asleep on the couch. Chilled. Recovering from a hectic week in preparation for:

The Kid’s Sports Day. I missed most of it, unfortunately. Our house alarm was going off and someone had to go back and deal with it. I did manage to catch the long jump and The Kid’s favourite event of the day: lunch time.

On to our second event of the day – Tatum’s Third Birthday.

The birthday girl was far too gorgeous for words. The Shaun the Sheep theme was freakin’ rad, my Kid had a blast on the jumping castle with his cousins and The Toffee just slept the whole time I was there. Giving me time to catch up with faces I hadn’t seen in ages. And have a glass of ALCOHOL too. (First one in over a year!)

Saturday night, I slept. SLEPT ACTUAL SLEEP, YOU GUYS. From about 6pm, until 8AM Sunday morning, I was in bed sleeping. Okay, the baby woke up once or twice, but I still got some good shut-eye in between all that.

Sunday involved not-leaving-the-house and not-putting-on-real-pants. And a roast. Done in the pressure cooker (lent to us by the in-laws). With cauliflower and cheese sauce. And roast potatoes. Mashed butternut.

Now that the weekend is over, I kinda feel a bit like this:


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3 Responses to On Beary Puns About The Weekend

  1. blackhuff says:

    Broody? Hell no! I am done! But it sure is a cute photo of your little one.
    Glad you had such a great weekend and whoo-hoo to that shut eye you got. Now that’s awesome.
    blackhuff´s last blog post ..Yoga.

  2. Lots and lots of happyness in this post! And yes broody, but give back to the mom when it cries type of broody

  3. Angel says:

    I LOVE that little bear suit!!
    Angel´s last blog post ..Have you ever…

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