Making It Home

Five months into our new house, we still haven’t unpacked all the boxes. There’s still loads to be done, home-improvement-wise – but that’s just it. It’s starting to feel like a home. It’s even starting to look like one, too.

I love the colour on these walls. It’s Plascon’s Pear Fantasy.

The Fiance and I spent Sunday hanging pictures. After his mom dropped off these black and white block mounts that she’d gotten for his birthday. They went up in our passage.

mosaic885057308fbc361d456509c3aff1ae4e2e96c1baA start on getting The Toffee’s room done. Still got loads I want to do in here, too.

We also hung the picture that my sister-in-law brought back for us from her trip to  Vietnam.

We’ve started on our dining room Instagram wall. I bought these block mounts for The Fiance’s birthday. More coming soon.

We even hung a mirror. I’m still looking for a Welsh dresser to go in this space – somewhere to store/display my masses of blue and white crockery and crap. And then that’s it. No more buying furniture. No space left for it!

Other things I’m obsessed with?

Cheeseboards. I don’t even use them, but I want ALL the cheeseboards. I have this plan of hanging them and creating a display above my kitchen window.

Roses. The ones in my garden and on my front verge have been blooming their faces off. I have purple, red, coral and white ones. I want ALL THE COLOURS now.

Succulents. Big, fat juicy succulents. Can’t stop thinking about them. Even pulled my car over to the side of the road the other day, and raided someone’s succulent garden. Into my lunchbox. I also currently have cuttings from a spiky-spiky cactus rolling around on the floor of my car. Waiting to be planted this weekend.

mosaic4b62aae9fa1f6bbfe1a4cd13f9285a1a2d5bdbb0All in all? Life is good. Life is busy. My heart is full. My schedule even more so.


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8 Responses to Making It Home

  1. Heidi says:

    Things I’m obsessed with: BOOBS!

    If you need somewhere to channel your bargain furniture buying obsession to, I need:
    – 2 x Occasional/half moon tables OR 1 x cheap old ornate dining room table I can saw in half
    – 2 x wingback or pretty tub chairs
    – 1 x chaise lounge


  2. Beautiful family, beautiful home! Love new blog reader 🙂

  3. deborah says:

    House is looking awesum-love all the family pics! and your roses in the garden look great!

  4. Oh you sound so super happy! I totally adore roses too.
    cat@jugglingact´s last blog post ..The last few weeks

  5. Sam says:

    Love the colours you’ve chosen in your home… You’re looking very happy and content!


  6. Angel says:

    For me its not quite home until there are pictures on the walls! I’m missing that…
    Angel´s last blog post ..Worn Out From Fun!

  7. Max Arthur says:

    Let me say it. Your house looks awesome!
    Max Arthur´s last blog post ..The new Play Lead Guitar

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