On Something We Never Did In Our Old House

We never got ’round to hanging many pictures on the walls. There never seemed to be enough time to get it done – life as new parents was stressful. Then, we simply stopped thinking about it and it didn’t happen.

Not so in this house. I’m having a wonderful time. (My husband, who has to do all the labour, is not having such a wonderful time.)

A card from Sarah, that I framed and (my husband) hung in our bedroom.

A whole bunch of my Instagram pictures, block-mounted and adorning our dining room walls. (Still impressed that my husband had them all hanging just a few hours after I brought them home)

A bead-and-wire springbok head. Can’t tell you for how long I’ve wanted one. Also agonised for months over what to do in this space.

And a reindeer head. (Let the record read that my husband hates this “crap” and bought it purely because he knew I loved it.)

I picked the bamboo bathroom fittings, he picked the glass-framed mirror. We have such different tastes, but it seems to work out.

I have some of The Kid’s art from this year that I want to frame and hang. There’s still a sun mirror that’s in the process of being restored (we bought it many years ago, at a bargain price because it was damaged) and a few more ideas that I have for each of the boy’s rooms – but we’re not in any rush. There’s also space over our fireplace – I have no idea what to do there. All of this is fun. I now understand why grown-ups like to hang out at home decor and hardware shops!

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  1. Angel says:

    I love the instagram wall!
    I haven’t hung any pictures in our new house… Since its not ours I don’t think they’ll be keen on me hammering nails in everywhere – I have a lot of pictures! And whilst I would cover the walls with pictures my Glugster prefers a minimalist approach…
    Angel´s last blog post ..Searches That Found Me…

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