So Proud Of This Guy

The training wheels came off. In the same day he learned how to ride his electric scooter and his bicycle*. It took him another day or so before he could take off by himself without a boost and get his feet on the pedals without wobbling precariously and dropping one foot on the road to catch himself.

He’s had this bicycle for well over a year now, and has only just grown into it. Even with the training wheels on, he battled to ride this bike.  He still battles to pedal it uphill, but I’m sure his legs will catch up soon enough.

Bless him. He was so brave when his dad let go and he was doing it on his own. He braved falling over a few times and miraculously avoided all injury. Not even a scrape. He persisted and got it right. He made his daddy real proud.

And his mama, too.

*Bad mom. No helmet. No excuses.


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  1. Angel says:

    He’s growing too fast!
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