I Can’t Believe We Made This

Every now and again it hits me that I have a six year old. That he’s only six. I’m so busy treating him like a mini-adult and regiment every aspect of his life, that I often forget he’s only a little boy.

Every now and again I get this feeling – this momswoon thing – of intense love and admiration for what I made, accidentally. (And yes, I purposefully use the word ‘accidentally’ and ‘mistake’ when thinking about my Kid. He was definitely an accident and definitely a mistake, but a beautiful one. One I don’t regret in the least.)

It’s hard not to take it all too seriously, this being a parent thing. It’s far too easy to forget that he’s only going to be a child for a short while, and that I should let him enjoy it. I’m always on his case to pick up his toys, stop messing juice on the couch, dry his feet before he comes inside from swimming and getting annoyed at his constant questions.

I forget that children only learn through asking questions, and that he’s not trying to purposefully irritate me – he’s just exercising his curiosity. That forgetting to make his bed is simply because he was too busy having fun doing something else. That yelling at the top of his lungs isn’t intended to wake his sleeping baby brother, it’s just an expression of his excitement or happiness in that moment. Just a vocalisation of fun.

Fun. That’s the whole point of being a child, isn’t it? Learning while having fun. Growing while having fun. It’s so easy to get caught up in being an adult and a parent, that you forget that important part of life. Fun. There’s no time for that, in between commuting and making dinner, packing lunches and sitting in meetings. There’s barely even time for enough sleep, let alone fun.

That’s got to change, and the only one who can make it happen is me. I need to find my fun again. I need to make time for fun. Make time for my family. I will soon be in the process of making this happen. All I want is some time. Time to enjoy this, before it’s grown up and moved out of my house.

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8 Responses to I Can’t Believe We Made This

  1. cath says:

    Between work, school, sports, dinner, bathtime, general life madness…it’s HARD.

    But we made one rule, and stick to it. No matter what, there is an hour at the end of our day (just before bedtime) that is JUST US. No disturbances, no kak, nothing. We just lie on my bed and talk, the 3 of us. And laugh, and play games, sometimes read (she normally reads on her own now) but always, always, that hour. Doesn’t matter if it means we have sandwiches for dinner. That hour is more sacred than the dinner. X

  2. blackhuff says:

    I also tend to forget those small things they do are for a purpose. Like you mentioned the asking of a lot of questions, yelling at the top of their voice, etc. It’s part of being a child. When I saw these photos he took of himself on your FB profile, I smiled. It’s such a priceless thing he have created on your phone, which you can treasure till the day you die.
    P.S – my first born was also an “oops” (not expected) but such a great present from the Lord.
    blackhuff´s last blog post ..Who taught you to bake?

  3. Super Sarah says:

    Hell yes, such a great thing to think about, I know that I too often become the parent that bosses, tells my kids what to do and when to do it. Those moments when I surprise them with a drive past the frozen yogurt place instead of dinner, or we go to the park instead of folding laundry, those are the moments they will remember….. I am going to try and find more time for fun.

  4. MeeA says:

    I’m so guilty of this, too. Of forgetting about fun. Love Cath’s one hour rule. Our rule is that we sit at the table and eat dinner together every night. And after dinner we have “Pop Quiz” and everyone has to answer a general knowledge question. A correct answer gets a treat. (We usually share a packet of Jelly Tots or a slab of chocolate this way).
    But we really need to look at what fun things we can do together at the weekends.

  5. Ankia says:

    I’m also very guilty here. Constantly lecturing myself about it.

  6. Angel says:

    Beautiful post.
    It is so easy to get caught up in the grind and forget to make happy memories.
    Angel´s last blog post ..What Does It Mean To Be A Guide Dog Puppy Walker?

  7. Pippa Naude says:

    Hi – we’re a fan of your blog and would like to get in touch, to see if you could maybe write a piece for our magazine. If you are interested, please send me an email and I will send you more info.

  8. So very true and we are all so very guilty often
    cat@jugglingact´s last blog post ..I had bookclub on Tuesday night

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