On Shopping: I Love It Online

I hate malls. I hate shopping. Unless it’s by myself and the mall is pretty empty, and I’m not in a rush to get anywhere else. This scenario is rare. Which is why I’ve taken to doing some things on the interwebs.

Here are my favourite online shopping experiences I’ve had, recently:


  • I ordered: a whole bunch of fridge magnets as gifts, and for myself.
  • I love: seeing my Instagrams on my fridge.
  • I paid with: my debit card (even though it’s an international site!)
  • Shipping was: via the SA Postal Service, but because it was a small envelope it landed up in my mail box, I did not have to retrieve from the Post Office itself. It took about 2 weeks.



  • I ordered: A whole bunch of ear plugs and tunnels for my husband and myself.
  • I love: How inexpensive this site is, compared to South African retail prices.
  • I paid with: My debit card (even though it’s an international site).
  • Shipping was: International mail, collected from my local post office. It took under a month.


Dreamtime Hammocks:

I ordered: The Eazilay Hammock Stand.
I love: That I can move this hammock around. How comfortable it is. It’s like an instant holiday feeling. It’s comfortable and sturdy, no matter where you place it.
I paid with: I didn’t pay for it. It was a gift, as the business owner is a family friend.
Shipping was: Courier service. Fast, efficient, reliable.

dreamtimehammocksSelect Specs:

  • I ordered: 2 pairs of prescription glasses.
  • I love: that I saved a ton of money. Normally I’d spend about two grand minimum on glasses at the optometrist, which is why I’ve worn the same pair for more than 7 years. It cost me R609 for two pairs of specs, including postage.
  • I paid with: my debit card. Again. International site.
  • Shipping was: To my local post office. It took more than a month, but it was worth the wait.


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