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Just Call Me Martha Stewart, Bitch

So I’ve been feeling the Martha Stewart vibe lately, and doing lots of cooking. Attempting to do the diet thing and make healthy food. But healthy food that tastes good. And there’s been more than a few requests for some of my recipes – hence blogging them. The first one is a diet-friendly one. The second one? Definitely not diet friendly. But decadently delicious. Continue reading

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Clearing the Headspace

I am appreciative of: The Kid’s afternoon naps. And a hungover-sleeping-on-the-couch Boyfriend. So I can catch up on some blogging and blog-reading and smoke cigarettes upstairs at my desk (naughty naughty). That Kid’s probably: the cutest thing in the whole … Continue reading

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On Dieticians and Dieting

So The Boyfriend and I have been to see a dietician. You know, just to get back on track in terms of healthy eating, shed a few kilos that just happened to pile on during the festive season and seemed … Continue reading

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