About A Kid.

Dear Kid,

We’re just two weeks shy of your 6th birthday. It’s super-hard to comprehend that you’re going to be SIX. You’ll be starting Big School properly next year, and you’re well on your way to being 18 and an adult. Can I press pause now, and keep you like this for a little while longer? Ok. Forever. Just forever, please?

Seriously though. You’re just amazing. Funny. Thoughtful. Loving. Affectionate. Manipulative. Annoying. Persistent. Clumsy. Loud. Boisterous. Big-hearted. Sensitive. Smart-ass. You’re all of these things in equal measure and you’ve come so far this year, and dealt with so much change.

People always tell me how resilient and tough kids are. Which kinda makes it sound like kids have no emotions or don’t feel things the way adults do. But you. You feel things more intensely than most adults and you’ve had a lot to cope with since 2013 began. We’ve moved house, you’ve started a new school and you had the privilege of being an only child taken away from you. You’ve had to share your parents’ attention and you’ve had to take a backseat when your brother was a lot newer and needier. Thank you for being so patient with us.

You melt my heart every time you say “mommy, I love you so much.” out of the blue. Like, you’ll be doing your homework or taking a bath, and you’ll look up from what you’re doing to tell me that you love me. Occasionally you even tell me I’m the best mommy, ever. While I know that’s not true, I appreciate it.

I know your dad and I are hard on you, but it’s because you’re our firstborn, and we just want the best for you. I know it sucks having to do homework and to brush your teeth or put your clothes in the washbasket, but that’s life and it’s often made up of things that “suck so bad”. (Your favourite expression of dismay when I tell you that you have to do chores.) Get the sucky stuff out the way, and then you’ll have time to do all the things you love.

Speaking of things you love – it’s still superheroes. Marvel and DC. You’re somewhat over your Ben 10 obsession, but the other superheroes still persist. Your favourite show? Crash and Bernstein. You freakin’ love that purple puppet, and I’m okay with it. Because hey. At least you let me skip a Barney the Dinosaur obsession! I bought you a Red Hulk a few weeks ago. It’s been in my cupboard and it’s waiting until your birthday. It’s been SO HARD not giving it to you right away, because I know how thrilled you’re going to be with it.

It’s also all LOVELOVELOVE with you and video games. PS3, PSP, Nintendo 3DS – if that was all you could fill your waking moments with, you would. You’ve also made the most out of having a swimming pool. You’re the reason why buying a house with a pool has been totally worthwhile. Winter was barely over before you were in that pool every day when you got home from school.

Your favourite foods? Hotdogs. Hotdogs, basghetti (spaghetti, you still can’t quite say it right, and I can’t bear to correct you, because it’s one of those little boy-isms that I’m hanging onto.) Milk tart, pancakes and toast. You hate cooked veggies but as long as you don’t mind eating raw green beans and tomatoes and cucumbers, we shouldn’t have too much of a problem.


All those? Just a few of my favourite moments with you, over the last year or so. Looking forward to so manymanymanymany more.

As you’re fond of saying: I love to you infinity plus one.

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7 Responses to About A Kid.

  1. Ankia says:

    *lump in throat* x

  2. cath says:

    Sometimes, I can’t believe this is the same boy who trundled around my lounge in his nappy. Dear Kid, we love you. Infinity plus one X

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  4. Denita says:

    I really do LOVE this post xx
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  5. Angel says:

    Such a much of love… I can’t believe how he’s grown. x
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  6. Oh boy, what a great age 6 is. I forgot he is the same age as my boys. On to grade 1
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