A Weekend, It Was


This weekend involved:

  • A zombie disco with Jackson and Rebecca. The Kid had an absolute blast. Hard to believe that those two have been friends for nearly five years already (since before The Kid could walk!). I went into a garage to buy gum, on the way to Rebecca’s house, and the shop attendants didn’t even bat an eyelid at my zombie make-up.
  • Hanging out with my Kid. He really is turning into such an awesome little human being. Even when he’s being an absolute snot, he’s so good at being an absolute snot that it’s hard to stay cross with him for long. His strops and sulks are hilarious.
  • Spending time with The Toffee. Mostly asleep time. We had a two-hour nap on Saturday and a four-hour nap on Sunday. Together, on my bed. It was glorious.
  • He’s got his first tooth. Just peeking through his gum, he’s chewing everything and drooling up a storm. Grateful, however, that it has not affected his sleep. (yet – touch wood!)
  • Enjoying my garden. Playing with The Toffee in the garden, feeding the birds and enjoying the sunshine. Now that summer is here and everything is green and warm, it’s a completely different experience living in our new house. Winter sucked balls.
  • A housewarming. Tequila with my husband. His friends. Our friends.
  • Cooking. Sunday dinner. Roast chicken. Crispy baby potatoes. Coleslaw. Rice and gravy. I forgot to buy stuffing when I was at the shops, so I made my own – bread crumbs, butter, rosemary and lemon (from my garden), garlic and salt. It was incredible.

All in all, a good weekend. And now….only two more weeks of work to get through, before I’m on leave for a month. Which means more cooking, more time with my boys, more time with my husband. YAY.

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  1. Angel says:

    Your husband… le sigh…
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