On A Wednesday Wedding

Best day ever yesterday. We got married. It was fuss-free and low-key, but we finally did it. We got the piece of paper that matches the life we’ve been living for the last seven years. 2013 has been a biggie. We had (another) baby, bought a house and got married.

In 2012 we’d had a wedding date booked(ish) for the end of July. I bought the fabric for my dress. Scoped out venues, menus and invitations. All that was put on hold, when we were trying to buy a house. Once the house was bought, our wedding fund got poured into re-doing the kitchen and bathrooms.

Instead of dragging it out and waiting until we’d saved up enough money to have a big frilly wedding, we decided to get the paperwork out of the way and have a special day to ourselves. Just the two of us.

Yesterday we went to Home Affairs and got my last name changed. We said “I do” in front of a marriage official, signed some paperwork and it was done. Our commitment was cemented and our family completed.

Yesterday I married an amazing man. He loves me, despite of who I am. He challenges me every day to be a better person. He looks after me, loves me and puts me before himself. He is thoughtful, generous, caring, loyal and protective. He is an amazing father and he has been the best boyfriend and fiance I could ever have wished for. No doubt he’ll be just as good as a husband. He keeps me on my toes, challenges me on my bullshit and makes me feel absolutely loved.

He asked me the night before if I was nervous. I admitted to being a little concerned as to whether he was sure he wanted to marry me. He told me that this is the only thing in his whole life that he hasn’t felt nervous about. Rather, he was absolutely sure he was doing the right thing.

On Wednesday morning, we dropped the kids at school and my BFF came over to help me get ready. (Read: I was ready when she got there with coffee). The Fiance’s brother met us at Home Affairs, where it all went down.

I don’t remember much of the ceremony, just that i was insanely happy. I may have even had a happycry at some point.

My jewellery for the day. Engagement ring, wedding ring and chinese market R10 vintage-look earrings.

My ring. I spotted it on Hello Pretty a few weeks back and knew that I had to have it as my wedding ring. An South African 1/2 coin. I fell in love with the two sparrows. So appropriate for me, because of my Blue Willow obsession.

My bouquet came from my garden. Roses plucked from a bunch that Sheena bought me.

My Kid made the charm that went on my bouquet.

What I wore: A gorgeous maroon/purple-ish dress from Sass Designs, a black waist-cinching belt with a silver detail and turquoise pumps.

My clutch purse. I bought this six years ago, the day before I found out I was pregnant.

The night before, I cut out a whole bunch of photo props. My other bestie promised to take photos after the ceremony. We took a few, and then booked another photo date for this Saturday. (So you’ll have to wait until then, to see pictures of my dress!)

Once we’d had breakfast, everyone left to go back to work. Including my husband. I’d taken the whole day off work, so I got some me-time, which was great. I’d never have been able to do that if it was a Big, Frilly Wedding, so this day was exactly how it should have been. It was all about us. It wasn’t about guests, it wasn’t about catering and venue details. It was perfect.

Yesterday wasn’t about a wedding. Yesterday was about the marriage we’ve had all along.

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23 Responses to On A Wednesday Wedding

  1. Angel says:

    Love it! I am so happy for you two! We both are! xx
    Angel´s last blog post ..Its Official. I Really Am Getting Old…

  2. baglady says:

    So beautiful.

  3. Oh that is so very cool!! The best kind of wedding :))
    Huge congrats!
    Jeanette Verster´s last blog post ..The Singh family photo shoot in Sandton

  4. Friedel says:

    This is the *best* love story I have ever read. Reality can be so awesome & beautiful – thank you for sharing this.
    Friedel´s last blog post ..Full Circle

  5. Gina says:

    Mazel Tov!
    Gina´s last blog post ..Project: Get Fit – November

  6. Mom says:

    FYI, there is no ‘despite’ in who you are – you are perfect, perfectly You.
    Love you the most.

  7. Andrea says:

    That’s so amazing, it gave me chills. Congrats. x

  8. blackhuff says:

    I love that the two of you decided that it was a day for the two of you and not about other people. Congrats.
    blackhuff´s last blog post ..Bosu ball and glutes

  9. SO well said! Huge congratulations.
    cat@jugglingact´s last blog post ..It was his big night last night

  10. LaurenHamilton_ says:

    Congratulations, what a beautiful day! And you really do look so happy.

  11. Sam says:

    How special and totally different – just like you guys! HUGE congrats again 🙂

  12. Alastair says:

    We were married at Home Affairs in Edenvale by the most entertaining of officials. After that we had tea, with cakes. And then we fetched the kids from school. A perfect day. Congratulations.
    Alastair´s last blog post ..Investigative Journalism Manual

  13. Charms says:

    Just beautiful! Congratulations!

  14. Congrats hunneh. Your day was obviously wonderful and filled with love and people who love you. Perfect.

  15. Super Sarah says:

    Such a beautiful love story, congratulations!

  16. Nicola says:

    Sounds like an absolutely perfect day to me.

    Congrats again 🙂

  17. Stacey Vee says:

    Tam, you minx – kept this one under your hat too, eh? I love that about you – how you keep these special moments close to your chest and savour them, and when you have squeezed out every last drop, you share it. So special! May the two of you be the poster couple for the modern happily ever after. x
    Stacey Vee´s last blog post ..10 Days of Giveaways: R250 to spend at Sensational Kids!

  18. Kirst says:

    “Yesterday wasn’t about a wedding. Yesterday was about the marriage we’ve had all along.”

    What a perfect sentence. Congratulations and may you have a long and happy marriage!


  19. MeeA says:

    🙂 Sounds beautiful. Congratulations again!

  20. Alet says:


    Love your ring!
    Alet´s last blog post ..Vintage Mickey Mouse [Video]

  21. Zeenat says:

    Wow Chick…. huge congrats to the both you…. Heres to a lifetime of happy memories!!!!

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  23. Wenchy says:

    Congrats MRS 🙂
    Never stop being you.
    Wenchy´s last blog post ..Day 4/5/6 of the 31 Day Challenge

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